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Everything in life carries “energy”.  Have you ever wondered why some people just have all the luck.  Are they truly “lucky” or do they just have a positive “energy” that attracts positive outcomes.

I wanted to post this picture today to help you discover actions that create a “positive energy” and “positive outcomes”.
One of the key things I constantly tell my clients is “learn to laugh at yourself and often”. 


Because smiling/laughing creates more feel-good chemicals in the brain called – endorphins.

Have you ever noticed that when you feel great, more positive things happen.  When you feel bad, more bad things keep happening.

Even more important….emotions are contagious!  Why do others want to hang around people that make them feel great!  Their energy makes them so attractive! 

Read my article on “4 easy steps to make anyone want you“:


This is a powerful chart showing the action differences between Successful People vs Unsuccessful People.

This 1 Facebook post on my Eric Tippetts Facebook page received 14,000 + shares and close to 9,000 likes (with over 300 comments).

1 million post on eric tippetts facebook

Identify items you might want to become better at and work on these each day to create positive habits in your daily life.  Which will create more “positive energy”!

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Enjoy people.  Enjoy the journey of life!

Have a great day!
Much love,

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