I am always amazed at how many people “sell” products and wonder WHY they are struggling in their home business.

Let me tell you WHY!  First of all, most people are not good Sales reps…they don’t feel comfortable selling…they don’t feel comfortable asking for money! (oh, and by the way, people don’t like to BE sold, shhsshhh – don’t let anyone know)

So if your approach is to tell people you have AN AMAZING opportunity and to come check it out tonight…here is what your prospect is thinking…first of all, MLM has a bad stigma (sorry if this is the first time you have heard this) as so many people have tried and failed to just let everyone they know (and tried to sell) that it was a scam, a pyramid scheme, no one makes any money…..this is a way for them to feel “OK” with themselves and that it wasn’t them…they didn’t fail…it was the opportunity that failed.  Right?

So your prospect is thinking…ohh man!  Not one of THOSE MLM dealy’s!  I am not interested.  And, think about it…you are asking them to drive 30 minutes to your location (after work as they are tired), listen to you pitch them for an hour, then your asking them to bring their wallet or purse as you are going to try every close you know to get them to buy….does this sound like YOU?

If so, GOOD LUCK!  You will never be duplicate-able, which is the KEY to being successful in the Network Marketing profession.

You see, after 6 years of going from “what is an MLM?” to “I figured it out!”…I have interviewed thousands of Distributors and it is absolutely black and white to me…on why the top leaders are exploding their business with ease and why 97% are failing…..

Are you Ready to learn “WHY”?

Answer:  Leaders don’t Sell!  I know, I know, your thinking….but I don’t sell either….I Share.  Meaning, you SHARE products….you share all their benefits, ingredients, money you can make, it’s a great company with great leadership, etc…right?  Well remember, after you have “shared” all the great things about your product…there comes a point where you need the prospect to join/buy right?  Well my friends, that is the point that most people fail….when it comes time to talk about “how much is this going to cost me!”.  If you get ANYONE that asks…”how much is this going to COST me!”….you are selling!

And….if you have 100 people in your cell phone contacts and you have only approached 3-5 of them because they are great networkers….sales reps….fun people….etc….You Are Selling!  Because you are picking and choosing who YOU think would be great sales reps, networkers, etc…

You see, after 6 years of interviewing million dollar earners….I came to realize they didn’t sell product…first, that is.

They educated their prospects on “why” everyone needs a home business and “why” it’s a smart financial decision.  Stick with me here….you are about to learn the biggest insight of your Home Biz career….there are only 2 tax systems in America, one for the “informed”…and one for the “UN-informed”.

98% of American’s are apart of the UN-informed…that is why there is such a small amount that keep getting richer….the rich understand, that Money makes Money!  So if work a 9-5 job and get a huge chunk taken out in taxes, I then try to live on what’s left over.

The rich (informed) understand that if I work and keep all of my money, I can invest that money in my business and make ME MORE MONEY!  WOW, what a novel concept!  And guess, what…they only pay taxes on what’s left over.


Here’s a REAL example:

Take $1 and double it 19 times = $1,048, 576.00

Take the same $1 and double it 19 times WITH taxes taken out = $21, 931.15

Now, WHY do the rich get richer and the poor get poorer…the rich understand that to have MONEY making YOU MONEY…you need to reduce your tax liability to the LEGAL (key word) legal, minimum.  This allows you to keep more of what you make and invest it into YOU!


So, getting back to “why” top leaders explode with ease…..they educate their prospects that they are LOSING money by not being in a home business and if they can help their prospect KEEP more of the money they make in their 9-5 job, which then pays for the home business (so no out of pocket money), this gives them a way to be profitable month one!

Did you notice the difference?  If the light bulb just came on….good, this is a mindshift!  Stop selling people on how much they can GO make (that is a second job and no one has time)…start showing them how much they can start KEEPING on their next paycheck by joining your business, which pays for the business, and now they can go share that with their co-workers, family, and friends without ANY REPUTATIONAL RISK on selling people on the next miracle juice!

You see my friends….I have mastered the art of the “irresistable offer”.  If I can show you in less than 5 minutes how much you are LOSING each month by not being in a home business…would you be interested in knowing how much that might be?  Of course you would, I have not met anyone in the last 3 years that has turned me down…curiosity and fear are 2 HUGE emotional actions that people can not walk away from.

Conclusion:  Show people the “why” they need a home business first….then second, show them your business as the solution to their WHY! …or another way of saying it….GIVE people something first and then let them ask you how they can give to you!

If you are interested in learning more and how to eliminate selling….email me at eric@theexpensetracker.com.  I have soooo many tips on how to “break the ice” with anyone and how to eliminate the “money” obstacle.

Good Luck and Let’s Do This!!




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