Today, I want to help you understand the methods of email marketing. So many entrepreneurs need to see this post because I know that many people are frustrated with how a large percentage of entrepreneurs and businesses are sending marketing emails with no value and could be deemed as spam.

These marketing methods harm all of us because people begin to just send emails to their trash bin if it even “hints” of marketing.

So before I start sharing these tips, I ask that you please share this with others so we train and teach others proper email marketing methods.

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Email Marketing Tip #1: For That Person’s Eyes Only

That email should give the assumption that they are the only person receiving it. Do not write it saying you are sending it to 1,243 other people. I am not telling you to lie, but write that email in such a way that it feels like they are the only person getting it.

Email Marketing Tip #2: Different Strokes For Different Folks

While it may seem more time consuming, I suggest you design different emails and sales messages depending on various demographics.

  • Age
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Etc…

Use wording and information that “fit” within that group.

Email Marketing Tip #3: Tell Them What To Expect Immediately

If you make it clear how often and what type of emails you will be sending people when they choose to subscribe. By doing so, the person will understand and by still subscribing, it shows they have interest.

Also, make it easy for the person to get off the list and honor their wishes.

This all falls in line with following CAN-SPAM rules. You can find all those rules on the FTC’s website here.

Email Marketing Tip #4: Many Links

Have many links within your email so readers can click and see what you are discussing. While many of these should obviously lead to landing pages, do not neglect to share links from other authorities on the subject.

Be sure the links are obvious too!

Email Marketing Tip #5: Use A Custom Domain Email

Statistics show a much higher open rate when marketers use a custom domain. Trust levels of free domain names from Gmail, Yahoo Mail and others just give the impression to prospects that it could be a scam.

Email Marketing Tip #6: Do You Have A Call To Action?

Every email from your marketing campaign should contain at least 1 call to action.

It does not make sense to develop these emails without giving the opportunity for the person to buy or opt in on some other offer.

In future posts, I will give some great call to action methods.

Email Marketing Tip #7: Give Useful Information

A key component in email marketing is providing the recipient with useful information that can benefit them. By doing so, you will gain respect and trust.

If your email is just an obvious method to sell your wares without offering any valuable information in return, sales will probably be low.

Email Marketing Tip #8: Don’t Bombard

Just because people opted in to your subscription does not mean they want an email from you every day.

I am of the opinion that 1 per week is enough. Some may do 2 per week, but I suggest no more than that.

Email Marketing Tip #9: Write For Scanners

Keep in mind that many of the people opening your email are busy. They usually do not have time to read every word so write it like you should your blog posts. Make enticing headlines, short sentences and paragraphs. Have ample white space.

As people scan it, they will be drawn to headlines and read the parts that “grab” them. So be sure your call to action is “grabby” too.

Email Marketing Tip #10: Preview and Test

It is always a great idea to preview emails before you send them. See how they look in various formats so you can adjust if need be. It also helps to send a test to ensure delivery is okay and the email opens properly.


By following these tips, you will have better open rates. You will also be following responsible email marketing which helps the industry as a whole.

I hope these help you… If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

By the way, have you got the free checklist on creating a crazy profitable website yet? Get it here.

Thanks for stopping in today. Be sure and share this with others and help them with their email marketing.

To The Top!

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