So many people settle for average.

If you are one of those people, let me ask you…

  • Is average satisfying?
  • Is average fun?
  • Were you raised to believe average was good?

I am not intending to offend any, but I need to tell you that your life was surely meant for much more than just average.

You have talents and skills that, if used properly will move you from average to awesome.

Let me help you move from average to awesome… Here are 10 tips.

Average To Awesome Tip #1: Keep Dreaming

It is only by dreams that some of the most awesome items have been developed.

  • The Wright Brothers dreamed
  • Einstein had dreams
  • And Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and I dreamed

Do not put limits on your dreams… Dream huge!

And the most important part of that dream; say yes to it!

Do not allow others to say can’t, don’t, shouldn’t or any other negative reflections on your dream.

Now you just start taking steps to turn that dream into reality.

Average To Awesome Tip #2: Embrace And Encourage Diversity

When it comes to tribe members be it followers, employees, partners, etc…, encourage diversity and embrace it.

Don’t seek the “yes man,” seek the “how about this idea person.”

Trust me… Diversity will lead you into the awesome zone.

Average To Awesome Tip #3: Turn Off The Television And Pick Up A Book

We all need a break from reality at times, but is the television really the answer?

Try reading books!

Books are good for the inner soul and outer being.

Average To Awesome Tip #4: Seek And Embrace Constructive Criticism

The average person will have a difficult time accepting criticism even if it is constructive.

The awesome person listens intently to any and all criticism. He/she is able to determine if it is constructive and embraces the education they receive from it.

Average To Awesome Tip #5: Ask For Help

Awesome people understand they do not know it all. They learn to leverage the knowledge of other people by simply asking for help.

Trying to wear all the hats will leave you in average status.

Ask for help and surround yourself with wise and talented individuals.

Average To Awesome Tip #6: Take Action

I am a firm believer in planning, but some people assume they have to develop the perfect plan before they act on it.

To achieve awesome status, you must act!

You can always revise your plan if need be. Just start doing and watch the pieces fall into place.

Average To Awesome Tip #7: Smile And Be Polite

There has been a saying going around for quite some time that states: “Nice Guys Finish Last.”

I believe that is a false depiction.

Smiling and being polite is the road to awesome… Being a jerk is the average, or lower road.

You CAN climb to the top by being a good and nice person. It doesn’t mean you allow people to “walk on you.”

Just use the “Golden Rule,” and you can be known as awesome. Just treat others as you want to be treated; better yet, treat others as they want to be treated.

Average To Awesome Tip #8: Leave The Comfort Zone

Let me just say, if you are always feeling comfortable with your position, you are probably living in the average lifestyle.

Awesome people know they must be uncomfortable at times. It is by taking risks that we climb “Awesome Mountain.”

I challenge you to do one uncomfortable thing every day.

Yes, you CAN BE Awesome!

Average To Awesome Tip #9: Do Not Multitask

Let the average people try to do several things at one time. In doing so, they may get them done but the quality will not be awesome and probably not even average.

Set your sites toward finishing one task at a time, and do so with precision.

Your clients will say, “Wow, that is awesome!”

Average To Awesome Tip #10: Work, Live And Breathe Passion

Let me just ask you, if you don’t have a passion for it, why do it?

It just comes down to having a love for what you do, why you do it and who it is helping.

You see, passion and awesome are synonyms.

So Grab That Passion And Be Awesome!


I just know you have awesome within you… After all, you are reading this post.

If you desire it, you CAN attain it!

Hey, I mentioned reading earlier in this post. Have you read the book I wrote yet? Get a free copy of To The Top here. It can help you reach awesome.

Glad you popped in today.

Now go be AWESOME!

To The Top!

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