I have noticed that this world basically has 2 types of people. There are those who ask “Why Me?,” and the others who say “Why Not Me!”.

Prosperity is at your fingertips no matter your background, gender, race or location as long as you are within that 2nd group.

In this edition of To The Top Tuesday, I am going to share 11 prosperity tips that has helped entrepreneurs from all walks of life achieve success.

You can join that prosperous list of entrepreneurs. Just look within and the results will show on the outside.

Follow these prosperity tips in you entrepreneur goals and life choices and watch amazing things happen.

Prosperity Tip #1: Give From What You Already Have

This rule of prosperity has been known by humans for years upon years. It is preached from pulpits of nearly every religion because it works.

When you give from what you have, you will receive back much more. So if your gut is telling you to give that $5 bill to a homeless person or you are led to donate to some other good cause, I suggest you listen to your gut and do it.

Prosperity Tip #2: Focus On Providing Value

If you are focused on just making money and not providing value, you probably won’t… Make Money!

If you focus your complete attention on providing value, the money will flow into your bank account.

Prosperity Tip #3: Make Murphy’s Law A Myth

I have discovered over the years that when you vocalize either positives or negatives, you make them come true.

Many people repeat Murphy’s Law over and over that they actually make it come true.

I am not going to repeat the law except one part of it: If something can go wrong, do everything you can to make sure it won’t.

Prosperity Tip #4: Stop Worrying

Worry does nothing for you so why do it?

It can be difficult but make an effort to stop worrying about all the material things in life. By doing so, you will attract prosperity.

Prosperity Tip #5: Do Not Take [No] Personal

When a person says no to your offer, 99.8% of the time they are not saying no to you personally. They are saying no for one or more of a variety of other reasons.

When we take no personally, we reflect our assumption and it will effect our attitude when approaching other people.

With the proper attitude toward the [no] answer, prospects will often reconsider the opportunity.

Prosperity Tip #6: Create The Future

I have never “bought in” to Tarot Cards, Horoscopes, Palm Readers, etc… who claim to predict the future for me.

How can they predict my future?

I am an entrepreneur and I am in the process of creating my future.

Prosperity Tip #7: It All Rests On My Health

What do you equate prosperity with?

Many humans say prosperity is equal to wealth… Massive Wealth!

I am going to debate that equation because massive wealth means absolutely nothing if you are not healthy enough to enjoy that wealth.

Prosperity rests on good health first. As a matter of fact, prosperity equals first good health and then massive wealth.

  • Eat healthy
  • Sleep properly
  • Exercise
  • and live healthy

With these priorities, you are prosperous!

Prosperity Tip #8: Over-Deliver

This is another prosperity rule that has always been known, but many businesses neglect to follow it and they soon have a “going out of business sale.”

If you consistently over-deliver to your clients and customers, you will be prosperous!

Prosperity Tip #9: Easy Is Not The Road To Prosperity

While all of the tips I am giving to you seem easy enough, the road to prosperity also requires hard work.

Prosperity does not come from a lottery or slot machine. Prosperity requires persistence and hard work.

If prosperity were easy, I would not have to write this article.

Prosperity Tip #10: Lock Your Thoughts

There are many people who will try to negate your dreams and ideas. You will never completely escape these people but you can put a lock on your positive thought process.

You have the positive power!

No matter the negative a person throws at you, hit Ctrl,Alt,Delete and respond with only positives.

It takes practice but believe me, it works!

Prosperity Tip #11: Be Wise With Your Money

This last tip is quite important.

Prosperity can also be taken from those who are not wise with what they are given.

Learn to control your spending and always invest back into your business.

I also want to help you with this process in another way.

Wise tax management is a key

I developed a tool that will help you manage your money wisely.

The Expense Tracker will help you stay stable with your finances and will also show you how to save $ Thousands $ in taxes.

You can start using the Expense Tracker with a 7 day trial and see how beneficial this tool can be.

Just click here to see more.

Prosperity Is Within Your Reach!

I am glad you joined us here for To The Top Tuesday!

That is the goal. So please share it with your social friends.

After all, we want all our friends and family climbing…

To The Top!

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