The reason for having a small business website is to be discovered. If you have a yogurt shop in Reno, Nevada, you hope that when people type yogurt in Reno, Nevada, your website will be on the first page.

Is it?

Odds are, there are probably a few yogurt shops in Reno, so the key to ensure your site is on that first page is search engine optimization (SEO).

Keep in mind that nobody exactly knows how Google ranks websites around keywords, content and more. But we have discovered many tricks that will drive a website higher in those rankings.

You also need to know that SEO is not an instant fix. It takes time for search engines to recognize your efforts.

As a small business, you may not have the resources to pay a SEO company, so I am going to supply you with 11 search engine optimization tips to help you bring your small business website’s rankings higher.

Search Engine Optimization Tips #1: Research Keywords

You will want to do keyword research to find the best keywords for your content and website. Keep in mind that high use keywords are not usually the answer because everyone is using them.

Focus on a niche keyword that will target a special group of people.

Using the yogurt example, I find the keyword phrases {yogurt reno} or {frozen yogurt reno nv} are both good choices.

Search Engine Optimization Tips #2: Always Add And Change

You consistently need to add new content and make various changes to your website.

If Google sends their robots and they report back the same results time after time, it WILL take your website down in rankings.

Search Engine Optimization Tips #3: Make Sure You Enter Your Business In Google My Business

It only makes good sense to enter your small business in this free Google service. This ensures your business will come to the top with local searches.

Search Engine Optimization Tips #4: Have Meta Titles And Descriptions For All Pages And Posts

There was a day when Google put the prime importance on keywords. Many webmasters began stocking their websites with keywords that really did not “fit” with the site.

Google updated their system several times and we now find there is more importance given to Meta Titles, Descriptions and Tags.

The Title Tag is very important. In 55 characters or less make a title that clearly explains what your business is and offers. The Meta Description is used to expand on the Title and give a deeper understanding of your business.

Search Engine Optimization Tips #5: Post On Social Media

When your content starts getting attention on social sites like Linkedin, Google+, Facebook and Twitter, it does help your search rankings.

You should even consider joining groups and communities on these social sites and sharing your content there.

Search Engine Optimization Tips #6: Length Does Count

The longer you can keep readers on your site, the better it looks to the search engines. Now, I do not agree with writing content that is “fluffy.”

Give your readers highly valuable content and I always suggest having at least 800 words or more.

Some bloggers are getting up to the 2,000 to 3,000 word range. I don’t see that as bad as long as you put visuals (charts, graphs, images, videos and infographics) in the mix to break the monotony.

Search Engine Optimization Tips #7: Keyword Placement

Where your keyword is and how often it shows up in your copy is important. I suggest your keyword be

  • In your title
  • In at least 1 subtitle
  • 1-4 times placed within every 500 words
  • It does help to have it in the first paragraph

Search Engine Optimization Tips #8: High Quality Backlinks Are Very Important

The number and quality of links pointing to your site will determine in what position your site ranks.

You should find time to comment on related websites and forums linking back to your site. Also, guest posting at high quality websites will gain you backlinks.

Search Engine Optimization Tips #9: Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile Friendly And Mobile Fast

In these days, a huge percentage of internet visitors are doing so from mobile devices. If your website is mobile fast and friendly, it DOES help your SEO rankings.

Search Engine Optimization Tips #10: Make Sure Images Have Titles That Correspond And An ALT Tag

Many small business owners neglect this important detail. Google looks closely at images to see if they are relevant. Make sure the title describes the image. Also, make sure there is an ALT tag that also is relevant.

Search Engine Optimization Tips #11: Hyperlink In And Out

It is good to hyperlink some words or phrases within your post to other posts on your site or to outside websites that are relevant to the words linked.

It looks good in Google’s eyes and some outer sources may see you linked to them and will return the favor.


Getting your small business found is what its all about. Use these tips and climb higher in the rankings.

To help you even more, I want to give you this 8 Step Checklist: How To Create A Crazy Profitable Website. Just click here and fill in your email and I will get it out to you.

Let’s get your small business

To The Top

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Of Google Search.

Please share this with others and have a great day!

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