Many entrepreneurs have voiced frustration when they “pop-in” to their website or blog statistics and discover that only 5, 10, 15 or 20 people visited the day before. New entrepreneurs find difficulty driving traffic to their site, and the first piece of advice I would give you is: Have Patience.

Time, work and diligence will play a huge part in driving traffic to your website/blog

I have learned some valuable lessons in driving traffic to my website and I never stop seeking to learn more.

No, I don’t know it all, but I know enough to be able to help you grow your entrepreneur website/blog to get more visitors, readers, leads and sales.

So here are 16 tips for driving traffic to your entrepreneur website/blog.

#1 Driving Traffic Tip: Write Amazing Content

This IS the most important tip I can give you. If your content is poor or even average, readers will bounce away never to return. Your content needs to have substance and educate the reader in some way. The days of 300 word blog posts are long gone. Make sure your content is at least 800 words and provides value to the reader.

#2 Driving Traffic Tip: Be Consistent

Consistency is a huge factor in driving traffic to your website. Publish your posts on specific days and times. This way, readers will know when they can look forward to reading your amazing content.

I equate this to a normal store in any city or town; if that store is not consistent with their hours, customers will find a store that is consistent.

#3 Driving Traffic Tip: Use High Converting Keywords and Phrases

Search engines will become a major source of traffic if you have great content with keywords and phrases that coincide with your post. Google has optimized their system to punish website/blog owners who are using keywords that are not within the content.

There are keywords and phrases that are popular and others that are not. You may want to use a keyword program such as Google’s Keyword Planner.

#4 Driving Traffic Tip: Optimize Content For Today’s Readers/Scanners

I am going to tell you a secret. Please don’t let this get to one of my High School English professors.

Forget the writing styles you learned in school when you write online content! You need to optimize your material for today’s scanners.

Yes… Scanners.

Grabby headlines will entice the scanner to read what follows that headline. Remember, no more than 300 words following each headline. And short paragraphs are great.

#5 Driving Traffic Tip: Respond To All Comments

When readers make comments on your articles, it is important that you respond. Often by doing so, you will create a buzz of comments and other people visiting and reading to find out what the discussion is all about.

#6 Driving Traffic Tip: Ask Readers To Share

If you are a reader of this blog consistently, you will see that I regularly ask readers to share. It is important that you make it easy for them to do so. Put social media sharing buttons and readers will share your content if you politely ask them to do so.

#7 Driving Traffic Tip: Build Relationships With Influencers

Hook up with influential bloggers; share their material and they will share your material. You may even find that influential bloggers will seek to do an interview with you. This is a great way to have their traffic also become your traffic.

#8 Driving Traffic Tip: Have Your Website On Your Business Card

This should be obvious, but I had to tell all of you that many readers have come to this blog all because I handed them my business card and seeing the web address, they just had to see what it was all about.

People are curious and you will get traffic from your business card.

#9 Driving Traffic Tip: Participate In Forums

Find forums that are related to your business and join. When you do so, create a profile with a signature that has your web address on it. As long as you give positive and educational responses to forum threads, readers will want to visit your website to see more.

It will be easy for them to visit because they can just click the link in your signature.

#10 Driving Traffic Tip: Comment At Related Blogs

This goes hand-in-hand with #9. When you comment at related blogs, readers and the blog owner will visit your website/blog too. Just make sure that your website is in your comment signature and do not spam. Write valuable comments.

#11 Driving Traffic Tip: Have A YouTube Channel

By making educational videos and having your own YouTube Channel, you will gain website traffic.

My YouTube channel brings traffic to my blog. Check it out here.

#12 Driving Traffic Tip: Submit Content To Social Media Channels

When you publish a post, you can really create a buzz by submitting your post to social media sites like:

  • StumbleUpon
  • Flipboard
  • Digg
  • etc…

#13 Driving Traffic Tip: Have Social Media Pages That Also Link To Your Site

Having pages at various social media websites that link back to your website/blog will bring traffic. I know because it works for me.

You can find me at:

Hook up with me at those sites too.

Advertisement Investing

These next 3 tips will require some investing of money, but they can be well worth it to drive traffic on your entrepreneur highway.

#14 Driving Traffic Tip: Advertise On Related Sites

There are many high authority blogs and websites that will allow you to advertise with ads of various sizes on their website for a charge.

Find websites and blogs that are related to your products and contact the owner to discuss advertising.

#15 Driving Traffic Tip: Social Media Ads

Developing ads to use at places such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others can drive heavy traffic to your website.

I suggest trying various ad formats and finding what draws the most attention.

#16 Driving Traffic Tip: Google And/Or Bing Ads

Let’s face it, Google has the top advertising system on the worldwide web. You can develop a text or image ad and it will bring traffic.

Like #15, I suggest testing various formats and find what works best.


By using the above methods, you can and will turn your website into a huge traffic zone. All of these methods do work, so use them and let me know how quick your traffic jumps.

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Thanks and have a marvelous day!

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