What’s up everybody this is Eric Tippetts, and today I have an incredible insight for you about two of the biggest dream stealers for families, for entrepreneurs, and I want to share it with you today.

One Day And Someday

All right, so I talked about one of the biggest dream stealers I wanted to share with you today, and that is one day and his brother someday, right? How many times have you said, “I want to get healthy. One day I’m going to sit down and I’m going to do that. I’m going to get healthy. I’m going to go get a gym membership or someday I’m going to be an incredible entrepreneur or someday I’m going to be like that person.”?

How many times have you fed that excuse to yourself and then it keeps drifting and that one day never comes? It’s never that one day. It’s never your day. And you know I’ve watched that happen so many times with so many entrepreneurs and especially when somebody says that I’ll go, “Which day is that? Which day was that one day that you’re gonna do that?” And they’re like, “Well, why are you vibing me, man? What are you talking about?”


It’s because I want to force them to commit to what that day is, is that a Wednesday, is that a Tuesday, is that … What’s the date and when’s the time that you’re gonna get started? I shoot this video today because I want you to start to be present in what the excuses that you feed yourself, and that why are you not getting to where you want to be, is because most people are, it hits that one day, or they get to a Tuesday that they told themselves they’re gonna do something, and they go, “Oh you know, today isn’t really the right day. So I’ll actually … I think next Thursday, or Thursday’s gonna be a better day for me.”

You keep slipping, and what you find is that a week goes by, a month goes by, six months goes by, and a year goes by, and you wonder a year later, “Why am I not changing? Why are things not changing in my life?” And that’s because you keep allowing yourself to drift, to continue to say that one day, that next day, that next week, that someday, “That’s when I’m gonna get started.”


Today is the day to start small. My biggest recommendation to everyone is you’ve got big dreams, and you want to go big places. It’s too overwhelming. Start small, get your little task list of three to five things that I can do today, that will lead me to where I’m gonna go next year, next week, next month, five years from now. But you gotta start small. Dream big, start small.

Yes, today is that day!

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