As entrepreneurs, we are, or should be, seeking tips and lessons from other entrepreneurs. Over the years, I have had lessons from sources such as

  • Zig Ziglar
  • Warren Buffett
  • Ray Higdon
  • Tony Robbins
  • Yes you, Todd Falcone
  • and many others…

But what we often don’t consider are the lessons we can learn from unlikely sources. That is the objective of today’s post. I am going to share 3 lessons for entrepreneurs from unlikely sources.

Scroll down, learn and enjoy…

#1 Lessons For Entrepreneurs From Unlikely Sources: Throw Out A Deep And Wide Net

You may think this unlikely source would be fishermen, but I was thinking of a different unlikely source.

Yes, the fishing angle fits, but my thought is law enforcement.

You see, a properly run police system spreads their net wide and deep. They want to know and have contact with as many people in the community as possible. By doing so, they create a system that will help them in situations requiring the public’s assistance.

As entrepreneurs, we need to cast a wide and deep networking net. Your network can refer, assist, partner and possibly even finance your ideas.

Having a wide and deep network is an important aspect of succeeding in business.

#2 Lessons For Entrepreneurs From Unlikely Sources: Hustle

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Rappers… Hip Hop artists can teach us a lesson that many entrepreneurs need to take serious…


For many Rappers, they keep going and going, hustling and hustling and when failure or success happens, they cry or rejoice for a moment and then “back to the hustle.”

Just consider:

  • Dr. Dre
  • 50 Cent
  • Ice-T
  • Eminem
  • and many more

Many of these Rap artists started with nothing and built empires. All from hustling.

#3 Lessons For Entrepreneurs From Unlikely Sources: Give Them What They Want, Not Necessarily What They Need

Have you ever went through a Burger King drive-thru and ordered a burger with extra cheese, no onion and throw an onion ring on there?

Probably not but…

What would you think if you did and the person came back and said, “I’m sorry, but that extra cheese and onion ring is fattening and I don’t think we should sell you that?”

That won’t happen!

After all, the Burger King slogan is: We give it your way!

And that is the lesson from Burger King for you… Give it their way. Sure, you may think you could help that customer more by doing it your way, but that isn’t what they want. Emotion trumps logic with consumers often, so allow them to buy with their emotions, not your logic.


Look around you… Lessons can come in many ways and forms.

  • Children
  • Movies and television shows
  • Animals
  • Etc…

I have watched entrepreneurs use advertising similar to children with a lemonade stand.

Entrepreneurs have used ideas from Star Wars and other films to lead their tribe.

And businesses have used the persistence found in animals to meet their goals.

So while you need to learn from experienced entrepreneurs, never negate that unlikely sources to learn lessons.

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