What’s up everybody?

Hey this is Eric Tippetts, I am here in the beautiful island of Macau.

Had some amazing meetings, amazing event, and this video is going to be one of the most bizarre. I just had to come up to my room and shoot this video.

Here it is and the full transcript below:

A little background

When I got off the stage speaking at this last event, I was walking to get a bite to eat and I happened to go through the casino.

One of the leaders that were at the event stopped me and we started having a conversation and I said, “Do you come to Macau often?” He goes, “Yeah, I’m here every month.” I said, “Really? What are you doing?” He goes, “I’m here to make money. It’s my part-time job. I go, “Part-time job making money?” He goes, “Yeah, gambling.” I’m like, “Oh jeez, here we go.” I just got done having about an hour and a half conversation with this gentleman that has made over $100 million dollars in gambling.

Now, this is not a video to promote gambling.

That’s absolutely not the thing, but what I said to him was, “How do you do it? What’s the key? You were just at an event. Obviously you’re an entrepreneur. What’s the key? Give me your secret sauce?”

Here’s what he said. He goes, “There’s three things in life in prosperity and abundance that you have to have in any business that you do.” He goes, “I apply it whether in my business, my home business”, which he just kills it, “Or in gambling”, in this part-time job that he calls it.

“Number one is you need to have the belief.

You need to have the right mindset then the confidence that it’s possible, that you can do it. That whatever I stick my mind to, whatever I put my mind to and my effort to, I will push through, I’m all in and I will make it happen.”

Literally he said, “That’s the challenge I think most entrepreneurs struggle with is they dabble, they question themselves, they doubt themselves. Somebody tells them ‘No’ and they instantly go into a negative fearful, fear of failure. ‘Oh my gosh, are they going to laugh at me? Can I really do it?'” He said, “You need to have unwavering confidence that you can make it happen. Now, it could be today, tomorrow, next month, next year, but you stay in the game and you make it happen.”

Number two is, he said, “You have the right vehicle.”

He goes, and, which by the way, it’s funny he said that because I’ve talked about it for many years that if you’re a hairdresser and you want to be a multimillionaire, you better do something pretty unique in that profession because you’re trading time for money. It’s pretty hard to leverage your time unless you’re an owner at a salon or something like that.

You’ve got to have the right vehicle.

That was a major thing for him. Gambling is a vehicle that, it’s instant. I can apply something, a technique, a system and it produces results immediately. He goes, “In my home business and as I grow my businesses, I apply a system and it can produce and leverage crazy amounts of money.”

When we got into some of his business, wow, incredible what this gentleman is doing.

Do you have the right vehicle?

If you’re in a nine to five and you’re saying, “This is it. I’ve hit the top and it’s not getting me and my family where I want to be.”, you need to look at, what’s another vehicle that you can add in or you can switch to and supplement to really take and propel you towards your dreams, your goals, your desires, where you want to be in life. Your mindset, your vehicle.

Do you have the right vehicle?

The third, which was really interesting to hear him talk about. I don’t … You hear it, but you don’t hear enough people talk about it, is:

You need to have a plan

You need to have a very clear plan. I love network marketing from the standpoint of it’s unbiased, low risk, low capital, but also people give you plans. There’s leaders that have done things before you and they give you a road map. They say, “Do this. Do this and you will be successful.”, versus, “Hey, I got you in the business and I don’t even know what I’m doing, so just figure it out.” No, you need a plan. You need something … He kept talking about a system.

I’ve got a system, so I apply it to whatever business that I have. I have a system and I have a plan that I just work the plan every day.

  • Most people, they don’t work the plan.
  • They don’t work the process.

They get so emotionally tied, and I used to do that, that I used to pick up the phone and call people and I wouldn’t get any response and then I’d get so bummed out.

I’d have these high highs and low lows because I didn’t just have a process or plan that I worked.

When you have a process, you don’t get emotionally tied to the high highs. You feel them, but you don’t get emotionally tied to the low lows that, “I didn’t make a sale today”, but you keep working the process. You have a plan and you put it in motion.


I hope you got little bit of value out of this.

If you want to share, please do.

Comment. I’d love to hear what your thoughts are.

This is, I literally, I’m still kind of wrapping my brain around all these things that this gentleman was talking about, but 100 plus million is gambling. He’s got to have some sort of system. It was funny to hear him talk more about applying that system to his work, his full time business, home business as an entrepreneur and I know this guy is crushing it.

You will too. Enjoy.

  • Get to work on your plan.
  • Get the right vehicle.
  • Get the right mindset.
  • Invest in yourself.

You are your best investment. If you don’t invest in yourself, nobody else is going to. Take the time. Each day, work the process and you will get to where you want to be.

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