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When you advertise your products or services, are you getting the best ROI possible?

For those of you that are “new to the digital advertising world,” ROI stands for Return On Investment.

These are stats you want to measure as you are running ad campaigns.

  • Click thru rates
  • Bounce rates
  • Conversion rates
  • Etc…

With most digital advertising strategies, you can measure these figures and determine if you are profiting more than you are paying.

Now before I get started providing tips on getting the best ROI, I do need to tell you that you should not expect miraculous results if you only run ad campaigns for a few days. Most ad campaigns need to run a decent length of time to have an accurate reading of their effectiveness.

With that said, try these 3 tips to get the best ROI on your digital advertising.

Getting The Best ROI Tip #1: Target The Right And Tight Audience

This has to be the top tip of them all because so many entrepreneurs just throw ads out with no target in mind.

Let me tell you that when you think everyone is the target, you will probably attract no one.

A great example I have seen recently comes from massive billboards for a well known fast food franchise that is recognized worldwide. This is a company that probably could target every man, woman and child and get away with it. But they narrow that target down massively on the billboard.

You see what seems to be a younger African American woman with a small child holding the “special meal” this company makes for children. The child is holding the box in one hand and the toy that comes with it in the other.

I would wager a lot that this ad has a better ROI than an ad the same company would run that tries to target a wide range of people.

Naturally, they did a study on the demographics of that area and the people who would relate and connect with that ad.

So, let’s say you sell a high powered vacuum cleaner… Would you target

  • 20-30 year old men who are single?
  • 50+ year old widows who are considering a retirement village?
  • Or 25-40 year old women who are married and have children?

It really is a simple answer isn’t it?

Getting The Best ROI Tip #2: Have One Strong And Clear Call To Action

The call to action in your digital ad needs to:

  • Be Strong – It should tell the person what to do. No, don’t ask… TELL! This may seem too strong for you but, every person has been programmed to do what they are told since they were babies. Consumers will do what you tell them to do. If you ask, they will find someone else who tells them.
  • Be Clear – The prospect wants to understand what is on the other side of that click. Make sure they feel they can trust what you tell them is what they find.
  • Only One – If you have more than one call to action in an ad, you will confuse the prospect and they will decide not to decide.

Getting The Best ROI Tip #3: Keep Your Ad And Landing Page Symmetrical

How would you feel if you strolled up a sidewalk to a log home that is set in a countryside with a look of the 1800’s and the owner invited you in and you walked into a room with ultra-modern lamps and furniture?

Wow… The head would be spinning!symmetrical

It feels the same way for a person who clicks an ad that has an image they can relate to… Let’s just say a nice little kitten.

When the landing page comes up, the image is a pack of wolves.


The best way to keep that person engaged is to have your ad and landing page symmetrical…

  • Same or similar images
  • The same font
  • Matching or the same colors
  • Etc…


More than anything, I always recommend testing digital ads. A/B testing… Using similar, but different ads and measure results.

Remember to check all the rules where you are running your ads. While you can run similar ads, the ad you run on Facebook will be different than an ad you run on Google.

I will be delving further into this subject in future posts, but these tips can lead you in the right direction for the best ROI.

I also have one other tool that will help you track costs versus revenues. Get the Expense Tracker here and keep your budget tight and clean.

Hope this helps you climb your way…

To The Top!

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