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If you have a hobby, any type of hobby, you have an undeniable passion. And that is an unwritten rule for entrepreneurs: you must have a passion for your business.

So it just seems the most logical move… Turn something you have a deep passion for into a business.

In today’s post, I will share 5 examples of entrepreneurs who turned their hobby into a business.

Entrepreneurs Who Turned Their Hobby Into A Business #1: Kim Lavine

Known as Mommy Millionaire, Kim has an amazing story. It all started when she simply created microwaveable pillows to give as gifts. But when her husband was laid off from his job, Kim realized those pillows could pay the bills.

The company she started was called Green Daisy and from there, she veered into various other products and even started a media company.

Kim embodies the definition of a hobbyist turned entrepreneur and has now founded Heugenis which was designed to bring hope to many on treating Alzheimer’s Disease.

Learn more about Kim at her website here.

Entrepreneurs Who Turned Their Hobby Into A Business #2: Michael Kittredge

When he was a teenager, Michael self-learned how he could melt crayons and turn them into candles. Seeing his creation that he planned on giving to his Mother as a gift, a friend offered to buy it. Seeing an opportunity, 16 year old Michael began to make candles in the family garage and selling them at school and to local businesses.

Michael scaled the business and rented an abandoned building where he started Yankee Candle operations. Once he hit the $1 Billion mark in annual sales, he borrowed to open a retail outlet and a factory.

Yankee Candle was a huge success and it was sold for $1.75 Billion. All from a simple hobby.

Entrepreneurs Who Turned Their Hobby Into A Business #3: Jim Koch

Growing up, Jim watched as his family crafted home-made beer. And they always documented their recipes, because maybe they had a vision of the future.

As Jim entered Harvard Business School and graduated with flying colors, he went to work for a Boston Consulting Firm.

In his spare time, Jim would pull out the family beer recipes and make homemade beer. And with his favorite family recipe, he launched what is now, the largest American Beer Brewery, Samuel Adams.

He took a family hobby and turned it into a successful business.

Entrepreneurs Who Turned Their Hobby Into A Business #4: Jeff Goins

Jeff had always loved writing. His hobby was his journal and any other way he could write. He dreamed of a career in writing and he reached out and grabbed his dream.

He started a blog that turned into a huge success… See it here.

Plus, Jeff has authored several best selling books.

Entrepreneurs Who Turned Their Hobby Into A Business #5: Craig Jenkins-Sutton


Craig always had a love of gardening. He went to work for a landscaping company but soon realized he did not want to work for someone else.

He ran an ad in the newspaper offering to design people’s gardens. He began to attract customers and promptly founded his new company called Topiarius in Chicago. You can see Craig’s website here.

Craig has used a variety of marketing methods, but the one that worked well was simple door hangers.


What is your hobby?

With some creativity, you can probably make it a business. Think about it, a business doing what you love. And paying the bills doing so.

Keep in mind that Steve Chiang and I founded Nasgo. We are helping entrepreneurs put their small business on the blockchain. Many are ecstatic they did so.

Pop over to Nasgo.com and learn more.

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Get your brand tokenized and watch your business grow substantially.

If you have any questions or feedback, just post below.

Thank you.

To The Top!

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