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In the world of business and entrepreneurship, it seems there are a great many who have “cloned” the business and marketing strategies of their competitors. What this system does is put the potential customers into a mode of deciding who they will do business with based on

  • price
  • location
  • or likability

And while that strategy can work for those who have dropped their prices to the bottom, are located in easy reach or have a huge following of people, I believe there are better strategies than just being a clone.

Crazy and Insane Business and Marketing Strategies!

Because we have discovered that you can charge higher prices, be located in the middle of nowhere or even be unknown and still get many customers who keep coming back and telling other people. You can do this by being different; attain this by being slightly insane.

Here are 5 insane business and marketing strategies that have, and will work.

Use them as they are or even better, put your own crazy spin on them.

#1 Insane Business And Marketing Strategies: Short Animated Videos

What if you were to have an animator create a video of you with a big head and a little body telling the world about your newest product or taking them on a tour of your offices or manufacturing facilities.

Overall, people love animation. Think of Pixar and Disney and grab that attention with some short animation.

#2 Insane Business And Marketing Strategies: Over-The-Top Contest Awards

Want to get people jumping into a contest you are putting on via social media or your website to bring attention to your business? Offer a prize that is seemingly “over-the-top.”

  • An all expense trip to Moscow, Russia
  • Win a racehorse
  • A free hang gliding learning adventure
  • Etc…

Creativity is the answer. Just come up with an insane prize and watch as potential customers chaotically follow and join the melee.

#3 Insane Business And Marketing Strategies: Go Out In The Streets With Samples And Someone Video Taping

Let’s say you want to get attention to your new, all-natural energy drink flavored like bacon…

How about you take samples; wear a farmer outfit and have your employee who is videoing wear a pig costume.

Have people try your new product and film their reactions.

Just be sure and get written permission from each person before posting the video.

Again, use your creativity.

#4 Insane Business And Marketing Strategies: Brand Graffiti

Photo by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash


I have viewed some amazing graffiti in my travels to various worldwide locations.

Why not commission a great graffiti artist to do a cool design on the side of your building or ask if it could be done in another location.

A cool artistic design depicting your brand and the problem it solves. And you could also have the artist add your website, social page or even store location somehow in the design.

But make sure you get permission. Some towns have strict laws against graffiti.

#5 Insane Business And Marketing Strategies: Complete And Crazy Honesty

Sometimes in marketing, we are honest, but we don’t tell everything. So your product will not stand up to a rock hitting it… Show people by throwing a rock at your product and breaking it.


“Sure, our windows do not stand the rock test, but they will hold out the heat in the summer and the cold in the winter. Plus, they tilt in for easy cleaning.”

It works! Crazy honesty works!

Coca Cola proved with an ad when they said they were sorry, but they are responsible for the obesity in America. And people ran out to buy a Coke.


Thinking outside the box is a great way to gain attraction to your brand.

So do me a favor… Try something odd and then come back here and tell us about it. We would love to hear some crazy stories.

And by the way, go here and scroll down and sign up to get How To Create A Crazy Profitable Website. I know you will enjoy that checklist too… And it’s free.

Let’s get your brand rising…

To The Top!

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