Entrepreneurs and hurdlers in track and field have a lot in common. They must get a quick and clean start, keep focused and jump each hurdle with precision.

While there are various “hurdles” in entrepreneurship, marketing is one where many small business owners trip up on.


There can be a wide variety of reasons.

I believe the why’s will be answered when we look at each marketing hurdle entrepreneurs must jump.

I am going to tell you the 5 biggest marketing hurdles and also ways you can leap over them like a pro.

#1 Marketing Hurdles Entrepreneurs Must Jump: What Marketing Avenue To Focus On

Herein lies one of the biggest issues for entrepreneurs. Some would call it “throwing a bunch of mud against the wall and seeing what sticks.”

Many entrepreneurs jump to and fro…

  • PPC
  • Social media (with many various ones)
  • Content marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • and others

And while I agree it is not wise to rely on just one avenue, entrepreneurs should put their primary focus on one marketing strategy and perfect it.

You need to look at where your target market is. Go to them on their ground instead of trying to draw them to your territory. Master that marketing avenue and then work on the next strategy.

#2 Marketing Hurdles Entrepreneurs Must Jump: Not Having Enough Quality Leads

According to several surveys and polls of small business owners, not having enough quality leads tops their list as the biggest marketing problem.

Now, notice I put quality here. Because there are many places an entrepreneur can buy leads from. But the problem is, these leads have been sold to 20 small business owners before you. Some will even be angry and this leads to bad word-of-mouth.

First, I suggest that if you have a website/blog, have an easily noticed opt in box where readers can fill out their contact information and “bam,” you have a lead.

My other suggestion is to find leads to purchase that have been qualified and are ready for you to contact them.

Recognizing this top hurdle, working with my team, we developed the ultimate lead program. These leads are pre-qualified and not with some automated system. They are telephone interviewed and are expecting your presentation. We even have a place where you can listen to the live calls.

Just click here to try out the HOT leads Rocket Recruiting Leads will provide.

#3 Marketing Hurdles Entrepreneurs Must Jump: A Lack Of Resources

This is a challenge nearly all entrepreneurs face…

  • Time
  • Personnel
  • Money

But this need not be a challenge if you take a few hours (I know, time, but it is time well spent) and develop a marketing plan that will work around the resources you are short of.

With time, learn to delegate and also find automated systems that require the least time consumption.

And personnel; you may want to consider outsourcing some of this to freelancers or contract a virtual assistant.

Money… Oh yes, money! There are many methods to get funding, you just need to get creative. Maybe an ICO is the answer!

#4 Marketing Hurdles Entrepreneurs Must Jump: Differentiating From The Competition

Consumers are swamped with marketing. They are getting apathetic and assuming that new business is the same as that old business, just a different name.

Here is the challenge!

Being different… Offering better results than what they had before…

The key things you need to focus on is:

  • Building a strong reputation. Be present, offer top notch customer service, help them solve problems even if there is no sale for you.
  • Show how you and your business is different than the competition.
  • Narrow down your niche to a sub-category. As an example, maybe you sell auto parts… Cool, but you get the best Toyota parts in your area.

#5 Marketing Hurdles Entrepreneurs Must Jump: Customer Repetition

While you should always be trying to get new customers, I believe it is more important to keep the customers you have already attained.

It is just too easy to take customers for granted. But remember, there are plenty of other businesses trying to “steal” them away.

You need to be loyal to the ones who are loyal to you…

  • Rewards programs
  • Special repeat customer coupons
  • Birthday cards
  • Etc…

One that many business owners use is simple text messaging.

When you show customers you know them, like them and value their business, they will keep coming back.


Guess what, I know you are the star!

You can win the gold medal in the entrepreneur high hurdles!

Don’t let them trip you up… Gracefully jump them and keep focused on taking your business…

To The Top!

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