Every man, woman and child is creative. But some don’t realize it because they are too busy comparing themselves to another human being.

Rose says, “Why can’t I paint like Mary paints?” Mary thinks, “I wish I could write like Frank writes.” Frank ponders, “If only I could grow a beautiful garden like Rose does.”

But Ted is different. Ted loves Rose, Mary and Frank but Ted has no desire to have their talents because he adores the creative talent he was blessed with. And he regularly invites his 3 friends over to enjoy his talent. Ted is a creative cook that can make the most delicious meals. And Ted knows he can grow that talent more, so he is taking courses from a renowned chef.

Ted is passionate about cooking.

Do you see the point?

Ted sees his creativity but the other 3 only see the creativity in others.

Let’s awaken your creativity! I am going to give you 5 tips to do just that!

Awaken Your Creativity #1: Write Down 5 To 8 Questions About A Problem

Entrepreneurs are problem solvers. But like any profession, we can get moments of “blank” thoughts. It seems creativity went to sleep. But you can “jar” your creativity out of its slumber.

Take a problem and write down at least 5 questions… Example, you have creatures damaging your garden at night, and you know other people are having a similar issue. If you could solve this issue, it would be a hit with many people. So here are some questions that could help:

  • Why are animals going into the garden?
  • What plants are they destroying?
  • What types of animals are doing this?
  • Where are the animals coming from?
  • Are they eating the plants or just digging them up?
  • Etc…

By answering these questions, your creativity can come alive with a solution that could be the next $million$ product.

Awaken Your Creativity #2: Network With Other Creatives

I just love being around other creative people…

  • artists
  • musicians
  • writers
  • website developers
  • etc…

Much like Ted the cook in the example at the top of this post who doesn’t feel he has to have the same creativity as his friends, Ted loves to have them around because it enlivens his creativity.

Awaken Your Creativity #3: Make Combinations

Try combining 2 or more items to see what you can create. It has been done by the best…

  • Shoes combined with air = Nike
  • Cellphone combined with internet = Smartphones

Do you see?

Awaken Your Creativity #4: Ask Children

Try having a conversation with a 2, 3 or 4 year old child.

If that doesn’t awaken your creativity, I am worried about you.

Awaken Your Creativity #5: Check It When You Are Sleepy

Research has shown that creativity in many people manifests itself when we are nearly ready to put our heads on the pillow. Exhaustion causes our minds to get distracted. While distractions can be bad when we are trying to get tasks done, a distracted mind can be a creative mind.

I suggest you keep a notepad near you and when your mind is in a tired state, jot down those crazy ideas that are entering it.


And, the most important tip I am going to give you is to get clear of negative influences. Negativity is a creativity killer.

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Let’s get your motivation and creativity…

To The Top!

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