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As entrepreneurs, our goals should all be somewhat similar…

  • Build our brand
  • Help people
  • Get leads
  • Get sales


Make A Change In The World

I assume you have similar goals and if you follow this blog, you know that I preach content is quite important in reaching those goals.

But when we say content, that does not just mean blog posts… Content can include social media posts, comments and input on sites like Reddit and forums and, something I have found to be great, YouTube videos.

You are getting a special treat today. Why do I say that? Because I have been through a lot of trial and error in YouTube video creation as well as getting viewers. And one of the est ways to learn is from someone who has failed to success.

And I owe much of my learning to various tribe members and friends who showed me some important tips on making successful YouTube videos.

So here are 5 tips on making outstanding YouTube videos.

Outstanding YouTube Videos Tip #1: Sound Is More Important Than Video Quality

You are probably reading this and saying B.S. like I did at first. But it is true.

Most video watchers will forgive the quality of the video but if they are battling to hear what you or someone else is saying, they will quickly move on to a video they can hear.

I suggest a decent microphone be used and after you record the video, use an audio editor to remove background noise.

Now don’t get me wrong, your video quality should be good too for the best response.

Outstanding YouTube Videos Tip #2: Create Consistent Content

Once YouTube viewers discover your outstanding videos, they will expect more. Don’t let them down!

Try to be as consistent as possible and keep delivering videos. Plus, the more you have, the better your odds of being found in search results.

Outstanding YouTube Videos Tip #3: A Script Is Not A Great Idea

no script

While you may want to put a basic “cheat sheet” in front of you but out of camera range, I do not recommend a script. The reason for this is, you will be tempted to just start reading and YouTube viewers will consider it boring.

Viewers want to hear you being you. Even if you don’t pronounce a word right or happen to cough or sneeze midway, just excuse yourself and keep going.

Knowing you are a real person just like them, viewers will be drawn to hear you out because you know something they don’t, and you are willing to teach them.

Just be natural and you will do fine.

Outstanding YouTube Videos Tip #4: Ask Yourself, “Would I Share This If I Didn’t Make It?

This is a lesson I learned after making several low viewed videos. I actually found that I could go back to older videos and “doctor” them by adding some graphics or other items to make them more appealing.

The best advice I can give you is, after recording your video, use empathy. Put yourself in the viewer’s eyes and ask yourself, “Would I share this?”

Because ultimately, the way to get lots of viewers comes from people hitting the share button and sending it to friends and family on various social media outlets or embedding it in their blog.

Outstanding YouTube Videos Tip #5: Use A Great Keyword Or Term In Your Title And Good Tags

This may take some testing and trying, but if you consider what your video is about and start typing keywords and phrases into Google and see how many people ave searched that keyword, you can find a good one to place within your Title.

Secondly, make sure and add tags that relate. If you are trying to get local visitors, tag your town, county and/or State. Use more popular keywords and phrases as tags and you may even want to tag popular YouTube channels that are related to your content.


These are just a few tips to get you started. I will give more in the future. But to give you a good idea, here are 2 of my most viewed videos on YouTube:

Yep, the last one is quite new and has already hit over 10,000 views and adding more every day.

Now isn’t it time to create a video?

But before you go, I believe you can gain more benefits from the book I wrote and published some time back. Get your copy of To The Top here.

If you have any questions, just post them here.

To The Top!

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