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There are many people who are fighting an internal war. They desperately long to live in a positive state of mind, but their subconscious tells them the exact opposite. But there are ways to turn that negative state into a positive.

Here are 5 tips on turning a negative mindset into a positive.

Turning A Negative Mindset Into A Positive Tip #1: Turn It Into A Question

Whenever that negative thought arises, turn it into a question.

Here is an example… The negative thought says “I don’t know anything about blockchain technology. I can’t write about it.”

Turn it into a question, it goes like this “Where can I do research to better understand blockchain technology so I can write a high quality article?”

By using this technique, you are affirming your abilities instead of focusing on your inabilities.

Turning A Negative Mindset Into A Positive Tip #2: Call The Foul Ball Before It Hits The Bat

What I mean here is to recognize the negative thought immediately before it has time to snowball. Realize it is just a negative thought and has no power whatsoever.

Use #1 and turn that thought into a positive.

As you practice this, you will find the negative thoughts getting “bored” with you and moving elsewhere where they can gain more power.

Turning A Negative Mindset Into A Positive Tip #3: Meditate


I have found that with many people, negative thoughts come in waves. When you notice the “high tide” of negativeness, I suggest you take some time to practice meditation.

Find a nice quiet place and just empty your brain by focusing it on one single object…

  • A tree,
  • cloud,
  • ocean,
  • etc…

Turning A Negative Mindset Into A Positive Tip #4: Focus On The Present

Negative thinking normally comes from 1 of 2 places:

  1. The past – dwelling on past failures, guilt, and things told to you by people.
  2. The future – worrying about could happen to ourselves, our family or other humans.

So the easiest way to take the past and future out of play is to just simply focus on the present.

Does this mean you forget about the past and not consider the future?

Absolutely not but you cannot allow them to be the focus. Learn from the past and try to predict the future but do not let those control you… Live in the present.

Turning A Negative Mindset Into A Positive Tip #5: Surround Yourself With Positive People

If you are always around negative people… Those people who it seems nothing is good enough… You will tend to start being negative.

No matter how positive you are, you will not change them; they will change you.

So pick out the people who have a positive mindset 99.9% of the time and hang out with them. You will find yourself being more positive.


The most important thing I can tell you today is believe… Believe in yourself and you will defeat negativity.

Every one of these tips work… I know because I use them myself.

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Glad you stopped in today as we help you take your life and business…

To The Top!

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