ways successful entrepreneurs deal with stress

For entrepreneurs, stress is the norm rather than the exception in the majority of cases. And while many may think that even mentioning stress is a negative, the negative comes only if the stress is dealt with in the wrong way.

Stress is just a part of life and for entrepreneurs, that stress can be multiplied 10 fold. But successful entrepreneurs seem to hide stress quite well. Always a smile and a positive attitude.


It is because they have learned ways to deal with that stress and turn what could be a negative into a positive.

In today’s post, I am going to share 5 ways successful entrepreneurs deal with stress. Read, learn and share so you and your fellow entrepreneurs can handle the daily stress that you have.

Ways Successful Entrepreneurs Deal With Stress #1: Cut Down On The Caffeine

Many people have a desire to drink a hot cup of coffee in the morning.

No problem, but when you drink several cups of coffee throughout the day, and add in a caffeine filled soft drink, you can activate the “stress molecules.”

Try drinking herbal teas, juices or good ole water and you will notice a huge reduction in stress.

Ways Successful Entrepreneurs Deal With Stress #2: Put It In Perspective

Humans tend to over-emphasize the results of a problem. An example could be: I am on my way to an important meeting with an investor. All of a sudden, I am rear ended by a distracted driver. Now I will lose this opportunity to have my start up fired up with an influx of money. Plus, I will have a big deductible. Oh, I will have to close the business and go back to working a normal job… Oh, poor me!

Instead of assuming things that have not happened, the wise entrepreneur will call the investor and explain the situation. Most people will completely understand and will wait or reschedule. And a deductible???

Why are you assuming that? The driver was on his cell phone and you already have a witness that saw that. You were rear ended. It is his fault.

Quit assuming until you know the facts. Do not make the stress more than it really is. Put it in perspective. At least you are not hurt and your car can be fixed.

Ways Successful Entrepreneurs Deal With Stress #3: Learn How And When To Say No

This is one of the biggest stress causers for entrepreneurs. Over-extending ourselves is a surefire way to gain unneeded stress. There is times when you just have to say no and whether people understand or not, you have to do it for your own well being.

Ways Successful Entrepreneurs Deal With Stress #4: Choose To Stay Positive At All Times

No matter what is happening around you, you will find a “smoother flow” if you maintain a positive attitude. It is not easy but it is well worth it. So keep yourself in check and when you feel negative thoughts coming on, just start to speak positive affirmations.

You should also be choosy on the people you are spending time with. If they carry a negative attitude, it is liable to “rub off” on you. Spend your time around positive people.

Ways Successful Entrepreneurs Deal With Stress #5: Take Care Of Yourself Physically

Studies have shown a direct correlation between poor eating as well as little exercise and high stress levels.

If you develop an exercise plan and you follow a healthy eating pattern, you WILL have less stress and what stress you do have will be easier to cope with.


Stress is a part of the life of entrepreneurship. Just accept it and cope with it and you will be on the path of success.

If you have any questions, just post them below.

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