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I know that owning and managing a business can sometimes mean long hours and the tendency to let our health slip is quite possible.

So I felt I should stress the importance of taking care of yourself.

By staying healthy, you will be able to lead your team and manage your business more competently.

Here are 5 ways to improve your health.

Improve Your Health #1: Go Out For A Short Walk

Be it first thing in the morning or during a break in the work day, just go out for a short 10-20 minute walk.

It is refreshing and can help clear your head of any stress, as well as giving you some much needed exercise.

Improve Your Health #2: Lay Off Salt

Salt and high blood pressure work hand in hand. There is ample salt added to most foods, so adding more can be bad for your health.

Try spicing up your food with lemon or lime juice, garlic, red pepper flakes, herbs or a salt-free seasoning blend. These are safer then salt.

Improve Your Health #3: Keep Your Weight At Optimal Levels

Being entrepreneurs seems to give us the okay to eat anything at anytime. And I have noticed an abnormally large percentage of entrepreneurs who are overweight.

I suggest you keep a close eye on your weight. Snack on healthy things like nuts or fruits.

It does take self control but I know you can do it.

Improve Your Health #4: Say No To Soda

This goes right along with weight control, because soda pop is a major contributor to obesity. But it also can lead to other physical problems too. The high sugar content is a major influence on diabetes.

There are better and healthier things to drink.

  • Water
  • Juices
  • Tea
  • Etc…

Sorry to all you manufacturers of soda, but I must tell the people I care for to boycott you.

Improve Your Health #5: Eat A Healthy Breakfast

So many entrepreneurs interpret breakfast as a 1 gallon cup of coffee…

Not good!

Yes, we love our coffee, but for your health, you should add some healthy breakfast items. Some eggs, toast and fruit is much better than just coffee.

It will give you the fuel you need to manage your business.


I really hope this post helps you consider your health. Remember that if your health goes bad, who will manage your business? Who will take care of your family?

Now let me ask you another question that is not health related but your business related… How’s it going?

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