What impression do people have when they visit your website?

Was the site built considering the visitors… The readers? Or was it built with an assumption of what people would want to see?

Just because we think the website looks good and will be profitable does not mean the website visitors will agree.

Here are 6 key focus areas when you create your website.

Key Focus Areas #1: Clutter Free

Too much of a good thing can actually be a bad thing.

Some people assume that splattering a lot of information on their home page will be beneficial. Let me just explain it this way, you would not want a cluttered house if company were coming to visit, don’t let people come to a cluttered website.

Key Focus Areas #2: Inviting Colors

While the temptation may be to use many colors, websites that stick with 2 or 3 colors have better statistics. And those colors need to invite the reader and make he/she feel at home.

Keep in mind your brand, your message and choose colors that will contribute and not deter.

This link shows us how colors can effect our moods.

Key Focus Areas #3: Follow The Eyes

In studying people visiting websites, something cool was discovered. There is a neat tool called a heatmap that shows where peoples eyes are primarily focused when entering the website.

Have you ever noticed that if you are near another person and they look up, down or sideways, you will also look in the same general direction?

Humans want to look at what another person is looking at. And you can use that to your advantage. Because even if it is a picture of a person looking elsewhere, website visitors will follow the eyes to see what the person is looking at.

Do you have a call to action or headline that you want to make sure everyone sees? Just have a picture of a person whose eyes are looking directly at the object you want readers gazing at. If the person’s eyes are looking at the camera, your web visitors will focus on the image and little else.

Key Focus Areas #4: Follow Basic SEO Principles

There are some simple principles you need to follow to get the most out of search engine optimization.

  • Determine your primary keyword or phrase
  • Make sure your key is in the Title Tag, preferable at the front. The Title Tag should be 70 characters or less.
  • Make sure the key is in the URL
  • Keep 300 or less words between each header.
  • Have the key in at least 1 header.
  • Sprinkle the key throughout the content in an understandable way.
  • On images, always use ALT tags and make sure one ALT is your key.

Key Focus Areas #5: Get To The Point

If you want to attract and keep website visitors, make sure you are providing them with solutions and answers immediately.

A person does not want to search your website for the answer. It needs to be in front of their eyes when they enter your website.

How can you help them?

Key Focus Areas #6: High Quality Content

People are visiting your site because you are able to give more… give different… You give them high quality, educational and helpful content.

There are tons of websites that look like the next website. Plus, there content is the same or similar…

Don’t have a website like that.


I would suggest you get opinions from trusted friends and family members on your website design and content before you “send it live.”

Remember that your website is the first reflection of you and your brand.

By the way, I published a special checklist on How To Create A Crazy Profitable Website. Click here to get your checklist.

With this post and that checklist, we will get your website…

To The Top!

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