problem solvingAs an entrepreneur, I was recently thinking about the primary function of entrepreneurs.

What do you think that function is?

I would have to say that the main function is solving problems. After all, our job is to determine what problems potential customers have and setting out to solve that problem using our experience and creativity.

In today’s post, I am going to share 6 problem solving tips that I know can help you fulfill your primary function.

Problem Solving Tip #1: Ensure You Are Attacking The True Problem.

I am going to use an example for this tip… Let’s say your wife tells you that the laundry room is soaked with water.

Is that the true problem?

You can mop and mop, but the water keeps piling up. The true problem seems to be a leak somewhere. Mopping is not solving the problem, you must fix the actual leak to solve the true problem.

When you are examining a problem, make sure the problem is not just an effect of a larger problem… The true problem. That is the problem you want to solve.

Problem Solving Tip #2: Seek Support

Sometimes in the problem solving experience, we can get into “tunnel vision.” Our emotions may override logic and we cannot see the road from the trees. In these times, it is wise to seek support.

Using the example in #1, maybe you have a friend who is a plumber. Call the plumber and ask his/her thoughts… Get support and help from someone who has faced the problem before.

Problem Solving Tip #3: Follow The 4 Step Process

Problem solving is a 4 step process. I have already alluded to some of these steps, but you need to know that every problem solving situation must use this 4 step process. It is:

  1. Define the problem and its cause.
  2. Brainstorm all possible options.
  3. Evaluate your options and choose the best.
  4. Put your chosen option to work… Implement it!

Problem Solving Tip #4: Don’t Give The Problem Time To Expand In Complexity

If we procratinate on solving, problems have a tendency to get more complex. One problem can create other problems and our work is doubled or even tripled.

My suggestion is to immediately start working on solving the problem. Do not let minutes slip by or that problem can become a nightmare.

Force your mind to work on solving and leave other things at the side.

Problem Solving Tip #5: Don’t blow The Problem Out Of Proportion

This tip is a good one for every person; not just entrepreneurs. As humans, we have a tendency to make problems worse than they really are. This can greatly effect our problem solving skills.

The best thing you can do is ask yourself, “what is the worst thing that can happen if this problem goes unsolved?” By doing so, you will understand the gravity of the situation and it will help you use logic in your methods of solving it.

Problem Solving Tip #6: Answer Your Why

This is the important question you must answer… Why do you want or need to solve this problem? What will you gain from it? How can solving the problem fit within your business structure?

Your why is of great importance. Without a why, your passion for solving the problem will be non-existent.


So, let’s hear from you… What problems are you in the process of solving? How are you approaching the situation? Is there any added tips you would share?

You can post all comments and questions below. And be sure to get my book To The Top to see how I solved some problems that confronted me.

I hope this helps as we bring your business…

To The Top!

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  • Many people keep on dragging their problems which makes them worse. We should know that which problems would deteriorate and become worse as time passes and which one’s would evaporate on their own. Sometimes there are many problems which get solved on their own.


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