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Selling is a normal part of business. Whether you are actually selling your goods or services, attempting to get financing or recruiting into your business, you use selling techniques and strategies. But saying or doing the wrong thing can mean a no sale and could also damage your reputation.

In today’s post, I am going to tell you 6 selling mistakes you don’t want to make. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section at the end.

Selling Mistakes #1: Wasting Time With Non-Essentials

When the schedule says it is time to sell and you are looking at social media, checking email or taking out the trash, you are committing what could be, a fatal error.

Remember, sales are what the business needs to “feed itself” and you. If you are wasting time, both the business and you may starve.

Selling Mistakes #2: Not Practicing Active Listening

So many salespeople assume they just need to keep talking and talking until the potential customer agrees. But very seldom will they agree because they do not feel you are hearing what they have to say.

Active listening means intently absorbing what the person is saying. Lean in and acknowledge the words they say. In most cases, the person will provide you the path to get the sale. Listen for the problems they have and you can show how your product or service can solve their problem.

Remember, you were designed with 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason. Listen more than you speak and you will have success.

Selling Mistakes #3: Not Telling Stories

Every person I have ever met loves to hear stories. So within your presentation, integrate a story or 2 and you will keep the person’s attention.

Maybe it is a story of how you drove 8 hours to meet with a prospective buyer just to discover the appointment was made with a 9 year old child who carried a mature voice. Or how a person was able to solve a major problem in their life from your product.

Just get creative and develop stories that you can tell potential customers. It works!

Selling Mistakes #4: Not Researching The Potential Customer


The more you know about a prospect before you call on them, the better.

I have noticed so many salespeople going in “blind.” They have no idea what type of business the person does, their age or culture. What are their spiritual and political beliefs?

But Eric, shouldn’t we leave spiritual and political out of the conversation?

The answer is yes and no.

The best selling method is finding common ground, and maybe you can find common ground in those areas. But it can “kill” a sale if you, early in the conversation, voice a disdain toward a political or religious system and suddenly discover they are “knee-deep” in that system. But if you know beforehand, you can stay clear of that area or use it to gain common ground.

But how do you research them?

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
  • Etc…

You can find a lot of helpful information on prospects just by searching. I suggest you take some time and do so. This can get sales… Big sales.

Selling Mistakes #5: Emotion… Not Generating Emotion

While logic helps, emotion sells!

Within your presentation, you want to generate emotional images and responses in the potential buyer.

Let’s go back to #4; you see your prospect has donated a lot to organizations helping military veterans who were injured or suffer from PTSD.

So you now know where their emotional button is… Did you serve? Did a friend or family member serve? Do you know someone injured in war or suffering from PTSD? You can “slide” this into your presentation and illicit an emotional image in the prospect’s mind. And even better, if your company supports these causes too, you can share that.

Selling Mistakes #6: Not Stopping

Time and time again, I hear of how a person lost a sale because they just didn’t stop… I mean stop pitching!

Here is a scenario… You are pitching your newly developed mood paint for offices. It changes color as people enter your office showing their mood.

You are pitching Doctor Jones and after explaining the little tidbit I just told you above, the Doctor exclaims, “Wow, that is a great development. I could sure use that to know each patient’s mood before I treat them?”

But, you have a perfectly designed pitch that will entail another 20 minutes of the Doctor’s time.


The Doctor just said he wanted it!

Stop The Pitch!

Close The Sale!

“Well Doctor Jones, let’s get you knowing your patient’s. I will provide you 2 gallons for your office, but we can make it even better… Painting the hallway and Triage area will give you and your nurse’s this “uncanny” ability to use the moods of patients to your advantage. I will give you 10% off with the purchase of 10 gallons. Okay?”

As you slide the contract and price to him to sign (with an open pen).

Never keep pitching if the prospect gives open arms to buy. The only objection that could possibly come now is the price and that can be overcome easily.


Don’t make these mistakes and you WILL close more sales.

And keep in mind that if you do hear a no, it isn’t personal. If you take rejection personal, you will not last long in the world of sales.

Many people have started home based businesses in Network Marketing. Sales and recruiting are the most important aspects of that business structure.

We developed an application to help you grow your home based business with little rejection.

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I hope this helps you. If you have any questions, just post them below.

Thank you.

To The Top!

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