I believe anyone preparing to give a presentation has some fears. They may hide them well but, the fear of people snoring, or the fear of rolling eyes or several attendees standing and leaving all at once.

We want to give a “Wow” presentation… A tremendous display of our expertise that makes the audience talk about it for days, weeks, even months afterwards.

It isn’t easy, but it can be done!

Here are 6 strategies on making tremendous presentations.

Making Tremendous Presentations Strategy #1: Let Your Passion Shine

First and foremost, if you are giving a presentation on something you have no passion for, can I ask, why?

Personally, if I were asked to give a presentation on something I had no passion for, I would turn it down.

So, with that said, I assume you have a passion for whatever you are presenting. There is no need to cover that passion. The audience will connect with you if you allow that passion to flow out like a flood…

Let it!

If you lead with the reason you have so much passion for this particular subject, I would wager that at least 80% of the audience will feel that passion and it will become a part of them. Their excitement, as long as you stick with your full blown passionate presentation will “rub off” on the other 20%.

Making Tremendous Presentations Strategy #2: When Using Slides, Follow This Simple Rule

Never put more than 6 to 7 words on any one slide.

A slide should act as a headline. It should grab the attention and your talk should be the content under that headline.

The slide is just the attention grabber.

Making Tremendous Presentations Strategy #3: Get To The Point At The Start

You always want to give the ending at the beginning of a presentation. If you give the point of the whole presentation immediately, your audience won’t be “mind-wandering” wondering what the point is.

The rest of the presentation is to simply justify and “proof” the point.

A good example is a recent presentation I gave in Las Vegas about Nasgo, a blockchain company I co-founded.

I started with the point… Nasgo will be the Trillion dollar blockchain. The rest of the presentation just explained how we will do that and how the numbers show it will happen.

By the way, that presentation was a hit… Check it out.

Making Tremendous Presentations Strategy #4: Know Your Audience

It is a MUST that you know who and what type of people you are speaking to. Now, you may have some other “types” mixed in, but you should know the primary audience.

Let’s say your presentation is on a new network marketing company that is geared toward 20-30 year old men.

So you step out on stage and start talking about knitting or sewing… Boring!

How about the last Superbowl or beer and barbecue??? Now we’re getting somewhere.

If you become one with your audience, they will become one with you.

Making Tremendous Presentations Strategy #5: Make Eye Contact And Smile Often

This seems like an easy feat, but many speakers fail.

Sure, you have note cards to keep on track, but don’t keep staring at them. Look at your audience and smile.

Here is another hint… Pick 3 people in the very back. One on the right, one in the middle and one on the left.

Take turns looking and smiling at each of these people and it will seem to the audience like you are looking directly at each one of them.

It works!

Making Tremendous Presentations Strategy #6: You Have 10 Seconds

10 seconds

You have 10 seconds to get the audiences attention… Let me give you 2 examples:

  1. Presenter #1: Hi everyone. My name is Bob Long and I am going to talk about jet propulsion for motorcycles. Let’s get started.
  2. Presenter #2: What are all of you staring at? Is my fly open? (As he looks down, and the audience breaks out in laughter.) Oh, I guess we won’t talk about my fly tonight but about being able to fly on motorcycles.

So which presenter has the audience’s attention?

Presenter #2 will now be able to give his name and everyone will remember it and the rest of what he has to say.

What was presenter #1’s name again? I fell asleep.


Now notice, nowhere in this post did I say have no fear because it is natural to have fear before any presentation. But if you follow these tips, you can overcome that fear.

And do know that whatever you are presenting, you can do it better motivated. So click here to get a free training course, 7 Days To Unstoppable Motivation.

It will help you take your presentations…

To The Top!

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