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It is common…

Struggling entrepreneurs wonder why they are having difficulties. They compare themselves to another entrepreneur who is in a similar situation and is having massive success and they wonder “Why not me?”

The first thing I will always tell you is to stop comparing. There are just too many variables that makes a comparison like that skewed.

The next item is, you just may be trying to create and manage a business with an employee mindset.

In today’s post, I am going to give you 6 tips on carrying an entrepreneur mindset and “dropping” that employee mindset you have developed over the years.

Carrying An Entrepreneur Mindset Tip #1: Reflect On Your Vision Often

I have preached it often… Every entrepreneur MUST have a vision.

  • What problems do you want to solve?
  • Where do you picture your business in 1 year? 5 years? 10 years?
  • Who do you want to help?
  • Etc…

You should have already documented your vision, but is it ingrained into your mind?

Here’s a suggestion… Visit a local printer and put you vision on a poster or 11 X 7 laminated paper. Frame it and hang it on the wall or on your desk where you cannot help but to reflect on it often.

That vision is the foundation your entrepreneur mindset requires.

Carrying An Entrepreneur Mindset Tip #2: Master The Art Of Time Management

time management

The employee mindset seldom worries about time management because there is a boss managing it for them, and a boss managing that boss.

As an entrepreneur, you are the boss of bosses and you must manage your time.

A day planner is a great thing… Buy one and use it.

Each evening, plan your next day. Plan your weeks, months, etc…

Learn to take out those time wasters and be the boss of your time… Master it!

Carrying An Entrepreneur Mindset Tip #3: Set Milestones

The track to success as an entrepreneur is not a sprint, it is a long marathon.

You can set a pace by setting milestones to reach and when you do reach that milestone, celebrate it.

After that celebration, get to work on reaching the next milestone.

Carrying An Entrepreneur Mindset Tip #4: Customer Before Product

So many have this backwards… They develop a product or service and then try to find the customers. While it has worked for some entrepreneurs, the ideal method is to approach the potential customers and to learn what problems they need solved… What products or services they need or want.

The best entrepreneur mindset has an understanding of the customer mindset.

Carrying An Entrepreneur Mindset Tip #5: Delegate

As an employee, you probably would never consider delegating some of your workload to a fellow employee, but as an entrepreneur, to have success, you MUST delegate.

There is no way you can cover all the bases, so find people who are able to competently complete the required tasks.

Carrying An Entrepreneur Mindset Tip #6: Positism


I know, that word is not in a dictionary, but it should be!

The employee mindset usually says things like

  • I don’t think I can
  • I’m frustrated
  • or, I don’t want to

It is negatism.

The entrepreneurial positism mindset says things like

  • I can and will
  • I got this
  • We are going to win!


If you can rid yourself of the employee mindset and keep an entrepreneur mindset, you have success standing directly in front. Reach out and take it.

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Hey everyone… Have a fantastic day!

To The Top!

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