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Video is a great way to promote your business and your brand. But like other marketing methods, there are right and wrong ways to go about it.

I often use video not only to promote, but also to educate customers.

Unlike basic words in a website, video allows people to see the real you and they gain even more trust knowing you are a real person just like they are.

So today, I am providing you with 6 tips on using video to promote your business, your brand and you personally.

If after reading this post, you have any video marketing questions, feel free to post them in the comments area and I will answer them as timely as possible.

Promote Your Business Using Video Tip #1: Show Off Your Product Or Service

This is by far, the most used marketing video system… Because it works!

I have found that by explaining how any product or service works in writing does not always convey to potential customers the full features and benefits. But when you actually show the product or service being used on video, the person will be more attentive.

Promote Your Business Using Video Tip #2: Use Actors Or Actresses Within Your Target Market

In most of my videos, I am the one on the screen or speaking. But many other entrepreneurs use actors or actresses which is fine as long as…

That person must be within your target market zone.

Case in point… Let’s say you sell an item that makes life easier on farmers during planting season. But you have a big city business woman trying to market the item on your video.

Do you think a farmer from Farmsville, Iowa will have trust in that person? Do you think they will believe that person has any idea of what farming is like? As a matter of fact, I can picture a group of farmers all gathered at the bar after a hard day work laughing their tales off as Jimmy Corn Grower is showing the group that video.

It goes viral, but no sales because they are laughing but not buying.

It would be much better if you used a 35+ year old man dressed in overalls and a Pioneer Seed Corn hat. That would make your product more believable.

Promote Your Business Using Video Tip #3: Educate

laptop and notebook

Some of the best promotional videos on the internet do not even have the look of being business promotional.

You simply educate your audience on something within your niche.

Let’s say you offer various cosmetics and you create a video on the proper way to put on lipstick. You simply have the actor using your brand of lipstick and at the end of the video, just put a credit saying something like: this education brought to you by (your website, business, or brand).

This system works well, that is why major corporations use it on television commercials and in other places.

Promote Your Business Using Video Tip #4: Make Sure Your Video Thumbnail Is Optimized

You have probably heard the line, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

But a large percentage of people still do… And it is no different with video. People are going to look at your video thumbnail and immediately determine if they will watch the video or not.

One of the best tips I can give here is optimize that thumbnail with a positive, smiling face looking straight at the camera.

Promote Your Business Using Video Tip #5: Testimonials

Let me ask you, when you are searching online for products or services, do you read customer reviews?

Most people do!

Customer testimonials are a huge factor in whether people will buy or not. And when you can put together customer testimonials in video format, it is HUGE!

Promote Your Business Using Video Tip #6: Partial Event Clips

Here is another video format I have used as of late with great success.

As co-founder of Nasgo, I have been attending a variety of speaking and blockchain events all over the world.

Just giving a backstage preview of the excitement has drawn many to look closer at our Nasgo blockchain to see how it can help their small business.

As a matter of fact, I am sure you could use the blockchain to grow your business. Go over and check out the Nasgo blog for more info.


Use these tips and I know it will help you grow your business… Video marketing works.

If you would like to see how I have used video, subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

Thanks for stopping in… Now go cut a video and take your business

To The Top!

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