You can have the best product, a fantastic service, a tremendous book or any number of sell-able items, but if you don’t have attractive marketing, you have nothing but an item or service that will sit idle.

As entrepreneurs, marketing must be a primary task… Actually, marketing must become a habit. We must develop marketing habits to attract extreme revenues.

Here are 7 marketing habits you need to have.

Marketing Habits To Attract Extreme Revenues #1: Constantly Meet And Greet

Believe it or not, networking and marketing are close relatives. The more people you get to know be it online or offline, the more people you will have that will share your stuff. Even if that particular person doesn’t ever buy what you have, they will still be a voice.

That person in general conversation may tell another that you have what they need.

I suggest making networking a habit. Try to introduce yourself to at least 1 person every day. And make sure they know what you do and why you do it. Take their card and give your card. You will notice your name, your brand getting brought up in general conversation much more.

Marketing Habits To Attract Extreme Revenues #2: Stay Consistent

Some entrepreneurs believe that when sales are down, they should do more marketing, and when sales are up, they cut the marketing back.

And some entrepreneurs do the complete opposite.

I believe the best method is consistency. You have a marketing budget; no matter the sales figures, stay consistent. That means always be marketing. I am not saying to not try other marketing methods, but I am saying to use that budget. Don’t cut it no matter what. And pick a certain time where you and your tribe will consider raising that budget…

  • Quarterly
  • Every 6 months
  • Each year…

Just remember that consistency wins the race.

Marketing Habits To Attract Extreme Revenues #3: Keep A Pad And Write Down Marketing Ideas As You Have Them

Ideas can come at some of the oddest times and in the weirdest places.

I suggest you always keep a small notepad and pen. When that idea comes, write it down.

It is an excellent habit to get into, because ideas have no boundaries.

Marketing Habits To Attract Extreme Revenues #4: Get Up With The Rooster

Sometimes it seems like there isn’t enough day to get everything done. But let me ask, what time did you get started?

I have always found that most humans are most efficient early in the day. I would wager that goes for you as well.

Try it… Get up with Foghorn Leghorn and measure how better your day goes.

And, if you don’t know who Foghorn Leghorn is, you better Google him and watch an episode to get a good laugh…

Marketing Habits To Attract Extreme Revenues #5: Never Stop Learning

The best marketers in the world will always tell you they don’t know it all.

You see, marketing is like a chameleon, it is always changing and evolving. The minute you think you have it “whipped,” is when you will start to lose the race.

Just as you are reading this blog post to learn, read, watch, and listen to many marketing gurus.

Keep learning and growing and never think you know all there is about marketing.

Marketing Habits To Attract Extreme Revenues #6: Knows The Competition

There is an old saying that says, keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer.

Now, I will not say that the competitor is your enemy per say, but in a way, they are. By knowing and understanding their tactics, you can move up and over them.

I would never say to directly attack your competitor… In some cases though, that does work… Coke versus Pepsi as one example. But by knowing their movements, you can think one or two movements ahead.

It is something like a chess match.

Marketing Habits To Attract Extreme Revenues #7: Be Extremely Social

I highly recommend that you set up Google Alerts on your brand, your name, your company and whatever else could be associated with you on the worldwide web.

Whenever any of these are mentioned, go check it out and join in the comments be it positive or negative.

Don’t debate…

Learn and offer apologies when needed. Be social and talk with people as you would face-to-face over a cup of coffee or bottle of beer.

The best marketers are right in the midst of the crowd and will converse with anyone and everyone.

Be real!


I want to add one last habit… Be motivated!

When you are internally motivated, nothing can stop you.

Need some help?

Just click here and get the free training course, 7 Days To Unstoppable Motivation.

Because we want to help you climb…

To The Top!

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