It is tempting, I know.

As entrepreneurs, we want to cut costs where we can. Maybe you have voices around telling you it is easy to build a website. So you assume you can build your website to save.

Let me first tell you as Simon Cowell has told people that thought they could sing on American Idol – “Stick with your talents.”

Unless you have taken courses in website design and best SEO practices, you probably do not want to DIY your website.

By the way, DIY stands for do it yourself.

Here are 7 reasons you should have a professional build your website.

Reason #1 To Not DIY Your Website: You Want To Be Unique

It is like the woman who runs out and buys what seems to be an amazing dress that is on sale. “I will be the talk at work,” she tells her husband.

The next day, the woman comes home from work in tears… Her husband asked why. “6 of my co-workers had the same dress,” she says sobbing.

Sure, you can use those cool drag and drop website builders and create a neat website. But when you start “plunging” around the internet, you are going to discover many other websites with the same or similar design.

A professional website designer can create a customized website that you will not see elsewhere.

It will be unique!

Reason #2 To Not DIY Your Website: Time Consumption

You may think you are saving money, but are you really? After all, time is money and if you are spending your time trying to build a website, you are taking time away from other important tasks to grow your business.

Reason #3 To Not DIY Your Website: SEO

It is one thing to build a website and a whole other to create a website that is SEO friendly. You want your website to quickly climb the ranks in search engines and website designers should be up-to-date on SEO tactics.

Search engine optimization is always changing, but there are some basics that must be considered when creating a website…

  • Basic keywords for the website
  • Meta description
  • 301 redirects
  • Backlinking
  • 404 errors
  • and much more

Improper SEO on your website could cost you many visitors.

Reason #4 To Not DIY Your Website: Technical Support

So you built a cool website and you do seem to be getting visitors. Suddenly one of your friends calls and says, “Have you looked at your website lately?” You hit the bookmark and a huge Russian flag pops up and it says underneath: I Hacked You Yankee.

You can’t get in to your site and you want to scream. Now it will probably cost you big money to get some support.

If you have a professional create your website, most agree to provide technical support as long as your website is running.

This possibility alone is enough to not DIY your website.

Reason #5 To Not DIY Your Website: Mobile Friendly

A huge percentage of website visitors come from mobile devices. If you build your own website, odds are it will only look good on desk and laptops.

Professional website designers know how to ensure your website looks fabulous no matter where the visitor is coming from.

Reason #6 To Not DIY Your Website: Atrocious Ads

Many of the website builders DIY’ers use are free or low cost.


Because there is fine print that says using their builder means they can “sprinkle” ads on your website.

Web visitors are likely to run the other way when they see these terrible ads popping up on your business website.

Reason #7 To Not DIY Your Website: You Probably Do Not Have The Proper Tools

Do you know a website designer?

Just ask him/her how many various tools they use to build a website? Maybe they will tell you how much they have invested in tools. You will be amazed and it is highly unlikely you have even a low percentage of those tools.

To spend the money for all the tools you would need to build a website properly, you will discover it is less expensive just to contract a designer.


Believe me, your website is not something you want to make cuts with. Unless you are a website designer building a website for your own business, I suggest all other entrepreneurs invest in the services of a professional.

And after your website is created, I suggest you pick up the How To Create A Crazy Profitable Website checklist. Just go to my homepage here, scroll down and click the button.

I hope this helps you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment area below.

To The Top!

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