making decisions

A day in the life of every entrepreneur is full of making decisions.

  • What color,
  • price?
  • Which partner,
  • employee?
  • What location,
  • business format?

Decisions, decisions, and more decisions. Some are big and others small, but someone must make a decision and that someone is you!

I believe all of us have moments where we dread even the smallest decision like what to eat or wear? But again, we still must decide.

Over the years, some business people, investors and others have found some great strategies to make the decision making process easier and give greater odds the proper decision is being made.

So, instead of rolling dice, throwing darts or using the eenie, meenie, minie, mo systems, use these tips on making decisions that win…

Making Decisions That Win Tip #1: Realize It Won’t Be Perfect

If you are seeking perfection in the decision you must make, you probably will never make that decision. Because it will never be perfect.

Decide and then make small changes as they are needed. You must have faith in yourself and your team that the “second engine will fire lifting your business rocket to outer space.”

Making Decisions That Win Tip #2: Focus On One Decision At A Time

Research has discovered that multitasking does not work. People who multitask “think” they are getting more done but they are actually getting less done or what they are getting done is low quality.

This goes with decision making too!

If you are trying to make more than 1 decision at a time, the decisions you make have better odds of failure.

So focus on 1 decision and then move on to the next.

Making Decisions That Win Tip #3: Ask The Advice Of Mentors

You surely have 1 or more trusted mentors in your network.

With any decision, it never hurts to ask his/her advice. This doesn’t mean you must take their advice as the way to proceed, but by asking, you can discover how they would decide and it can help you make the best decision.

Making Decisions That Win Tip #4: Go With Your Passion

Let’s see, you have a decision to make that has 2 possibilities. 1 of the possibilities will lead to moving forward with your passion. The other possibility seems to be the most logical.

So what is the best way to go?

Your passion!

Sure, you can go down the path of logic and it may work out great, but you will always say “what if,” about the other choice you had.

Making Decisions That Win Tip #5: Make A List Of Possible Results or Consequences

It can help the process if you just take each answer and list out the possible results. Knowing what could happen good or bad, will help you make the a decision with a winner mentality.

Making Decisions That Win Tip #6: Get All The Facts

Knowing each and every fact about the situation you must make a decision about is an absolute.

I equate it to someone betting a large amount of money on a horse racing event. The wise gamble will study past races, weather conditions, the gate the horse is running from, the jockey and all other facts that will effect the outcome.

Making Decisions That Win Tip #7: Trust Your Intuition

They call it “gut instinct.” In most cases, the first thought is the best thought. Usually, all other thoughts is just your inner being trying to doubt your gut.

A large percentage of entrepreneurs will tell you their intuition is normally over 90% right.


At some point in time, you will make a bad decision. It is inevitable. But you can help keep the percentage of bad decisions low if you follow these tips.

Do you want to see how I handled some of the decisions I have faced in the past?

I wrote and published a book that goes into detail on my rise.. It is called To The Top and you can get a

copy by clicking here.

So, you have a decision to make… You can buy the book or you can skip it and always wonder what was inside.

Do you have any questions or feedback? Just post it below.

Thank you and please share this with others…

To The Top

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