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A person’s workspace can be a huge factor in creativity and positivity. Some entrepreneurs find themselves “shoved” into a dark corner of their home and then wonder why their business is not doing well.

Study upon study has been done to find how people react in various spaces; they have looked at colors, objects and lighting to find what is the most optimal for workers.

In today’s post, I am going to give you 7 tips on creating the perfect workspace. Use them to design a space that will enliven your creativity, brighten your positivity and give you a reason to want to go to work on your business.

Creating The Perfect Workspace Tip #1: Make It Yours

I put this as the first tip because you can read much advice around this subject. No matter what I or others tell you, the person who will be working in that area is you.

We may tell you a certain color is best for creativity, but if you feel more comfortable with a different color, by all means, go with your color.

The perfect workspace is the workspace you prefer, not the one we tell you.

All that we say is just to open your mind and give you ideas, but in the final process, you must make it yours.

Creating The Perfect Workspace Tip #2: Bring Nature In

Wouldn’t it be great if we could have our office in the middle of nature? Doing work with wild flowers blowing in the wind in front of us? A raccoon scurrying past as we type that email?

You get the point.

Bring nature into your workspace by having exotic plants, open windows and even nature photography on the walls. You could even put natural sounds in the background:

  • Chirping birds
  • A flowing stream
  • Or even light rain

Creating The Perfect Workspace Tip #3: Have A Desk Escape

Sometimes the desk gets monotonous. But you need to keep working.

It is always good to have somewhere in your office to escape from that desk. Maybe a couch or some easy chairs where you can still work but not feel like a prisoner of that desk.

Creating The Perfect Workspace Tip #4: Ensure You Have Enough Lighting

Poor lighting leads to errors. You need ample lighting to ensure you are getting the best from yourself.

So have lamps or other lights in all the areas you will be working. Open blinds and allow natural light to come in.

If you find yourself squinting, you probably need to add light.

Creating The Perfect Workspace Tip #5: Ergonomics

You want to follow all the rules of ergonomics. Some people think ergonomics is only for factory workers, but they are for anyone working long hours. That includes you!

Your computer screen should be at eye level. Your chair should be extremely comfortable and your feet should be able to sit flat. You also may want to consider an arm rest which can help if you are typing a lot.

Creating The Perfect Workspace Tip #6: Prime Working Temperature


There have been many studies to find the optimal temperature for working. In an office environment, that temperature seems to be approximately 72 degrees. If it falls below 68 degrees, more errors happen.

Creating The Perfect Workspace Tip #7: Declutter Daily

One thing experts have found that I know is true: a cluttered office space leads to a cluttered business.

My suggestion is, after a day’s work, take a few minutes to declutter. Put everything back where it goes and wipe down your space.

It will help immensely the next day when you start anew. You will feel fresh and ready to attack the new day.


I hope these tips help you. If you have any questions or feedback, just post it in the comments section below.

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