Ask any successful entrepreneur who they owe their success to and in most cases, they will tell you certain family members and friends.

When they say this, they are not normally just saying the words in vain. These family and friends probably did or said things that carried that entrepreneur through some rough moments and helped them find the path to success.

But what exactly did they say? What did they do?

In today’s post, I am going to give you 7 ways family members and friends can help you succeed in business.

#1 Ways Family Members And Friends Can Help You Succeed: They Schedule Time For You And Vice Versa

Be it a dinner, game of cards or just a lunch meeting, just by having time for each other can make a huge difference.

It is amazing how our “business attitude” will change if we spend 1/2-1 hour with a friend or family member and reminiscing about past times.

It doesn’t even need to be business related, just family with family or friend with friend. Our demeanor can change dramatically.

#2 Ways Family Members And Friends Can Help You Succeed: Moral Support

There are plenty of people who have a negative frame of mind and will try to bring you down to their level. But there are others who live in a positive atmosphere

Those are the family members and friends who will offer you the encouragement you need to succeed.

So when they give you that moral support, acknowledge it and give a huge thank you. Because, sometimes that is all we really need.

#3 Ways Family Members And Friends Can Help You Succeed: Ideas

When you need ideas, look no further than trusted family and friends. Invite them to a brainstorming session. What is so great about this system is the fact that they feel they are helping one of their own.

Remember to give them the credit when one of their ideas helps bring more revenues or helps the business in some other way.

#4 Ways Family Members And Friends Can Help You Succeed: Financially

help from friendsUnless you have already “burnt that bridge,” many family and friends would be happy to invest in your new business. Knowing that they will have the “guilt” edge of getting paid back on time, the risk is lighter because friends and family normally will cut somewhere else to ensure a family or friend debt is paid.

So do not be fearful in asking them to invest, but do offer them a good percentage of interest on that loan.

#5 Ways Family Members And Friends Can Help You Succeed: Past Experience

Maybe you had a cousin who is a sales manager for a major company. Or your friend fro grade school is a well known CPA. Or maybe Grandpa once managed a factory full of workers.

Past and present experience from family and friends can be a huge benefit to you and your business.

#6 Ways Family Members And Friends Can Help You Succeed: Physically

Family members or friends may not have any money to invest but are more than willing to donate time or energy. Maybe they can help you with paperwork, getting machinery up and running or even handling your website/blog.

Look at their strengths and use them where needed. And be sure to reward them for jobs well done.

#7 Ways Family Members And Friends Can Help You Succeed: Advertising And Referral Network

Just think… If every family and friend you have was to tell all their family and friends about your business, revenues will start flowing in.

Just ask them to share your website/blog/social media with all their family and friends and you will be amazed at the amount of business you get.


Family and friends can ensure we have success if we allow them to.

So let them be a part of your business in one way or another. Because what helps you succeed also helps them succeed.

Just one last thing… We developed a tool that can help you keep your business budget and financial system under control. Just click here to learn more about The Expense Tracker.

With all of this, we can help you take your business

To The Top!

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