If you truly want to succeed as an entrepreneur, there are sacrifices you will have to make. Some of these sacrifices may not be easy, but they are for your benefit.

In today’s post, I am going to share 8 sacrifices you should consider closely to enhance the possibilities of having success as an entrepreneur.

Be sure and read through to the end as I have a special offer for you.

And don’t worry, we are civilized so we are not talking throwing people off cliffs or burning them at the stake.

Sacrifices For Success #1: Stability

Many people have become adapted to the stability of their 9 to 5 job. Knowing when to get up, the days off and primary daily tasks that must be completed.

As an entrepreneur, stability is not found. There may be some days when sleep is an obsolete word. Days off? What is that? And daily tasks change hourly.

You MUST sacrifice stability!

Sacrifices For Success #2: Some Friends

There are just some people who can drag us down to their negative frame of mind. Everyone of us have had some friends who fit into that zone.

There is a point where we must de-friend some of these people or our success will be fleeting.

Sacrifices For Success #3: Security

Even if it is a calculated risk, it is still a risk.

That security we once had with our finances in a savings account or CD’s now will become a huge risk as we “gamble” on the business ventures we undertake.

Sacrifices For Success #4: Free Time

Gone will be those times when you “plop” on the couch to watch reality shows, soap operas and American Idol.

You need to have a mindset that unproductive activities like those above are erased from existence.

Sure, there will be a day you can watch the “boob-tube,” but by that time, you probably will not want to.

Sacrifices For Success #5: Social Life

Going right along with the free time sacrifice, your social life can get hit hard too!

If you really want to have entrepreneurial success, you may have to cut the Friday night dances, Saturday movies and Wednesday bar run.

Sacrifices For Success #6: Income

Believe me, when starting a business, you will probably take a drastic reduction in pay.

The majority of businesses do not go in the black in the first year. And most of the profits need to be put back into business operations.

When starting a business, it is wise to have a strong savings to help you maintain until the business can provide you the income you expect.

To add to this, most financial experts will tell you it can be bad if a business is in the black the first year. Because the IRS will come knocking hard.

Sacrifices For Success #7: Hobbies

Most of you know that I love golf. Especially when I hit that hole in one with the great basketball legend, Julius (Dr J) Irving as a witness.

But early in my entrepreneur life, golf had to be set on the back-burner.

By doing that, I was able to grow my businesses and I can now play golf on a regular basis… And on better courses with better clubs.

Sacrifices For Success #8: Control

This will probably be one of the most difficult sacrifices you will make. After all, most entrepreneurs are control freaks.

But facts are facts and we cannot do it all.

The key is surrounding yourself with a tribe who is wise beyond comprehension. And hand over control of some parts of the business to them.

You WILL be pleasantly surprised when you do so.


There is nothing fun about sacrificing. But it is a must to find success as an entrepreneur.

Early on, I mentioned about reading all the way through for an offer.

And you will notice that money is a sacrifice in many cases. But having a handle on the money you do have is a key to finding success.

We developed a Simple Solution To Take Better Control of Your Money, Saving Thousands of Dollars In Taxes, and Secure a More Stable Financial Future. And you can use it 7 days for free to see how well The Expense Tracker can help you.

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I know these tips and the Expense Tracker can take your entrepreneurial journey…

To The Top!

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