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As of late, I have found myself standing on stages in front of many people speaking… Talking about the future of blockchain and how the company I co-founded, Nasgo, will change the world as we know it.

Public speaking is not easy. Some find it quite difficult while others do seem to take to it easier.

No matter which zone you are in, there are certain things about public speaking all of us can do better. I say us because I know I have not perfected it, but with all these talks, I felt I can give you some tips to help you manage public speaking engagements better.

So, here are 8 tips for public speaking.

Public Speaking Tip #1: Do A Practice Run Or 2

Be it your spouse, child, mentor or someone else you trust, it can help immensely just to do a run through of the speech or talk you are giving. Ask the person to be honest and tell you their impression. It is a good way to make small changes that can help keep your audience attentive.

Public Speaking Tip #2: Speak Uncomfortably Slow

Slow it down! I mean, slow it down drastically. It may feel uncomfortable to you but people will be able to understand you if you are speaking slower than you are normally comfortable with.

Public Speaking Tip #3: Grab Their Attention Immediately

When starting a public speech, you will be judged immediately within seconds of stopping. So you have to grab the audience attention immediately.

  • Tell a joke
  • Use a demonstration that impacts
  • Use a story
  • Or even ask your audience a question

Public Speaking Tip #4: Use A Script


While you don’t need to read from a script word for word, having a script in front of you will help you keep on track.

Believe me, trying to “wing it” in public speaking is a sure path to a failed talk as well as embarrassing.

Public Speaking Tip #5: Get A Feel For Your Speaking Space

It always helps to get a feel for the speaking location. If possible, I suggest checking it out before the arrival of the audience. Walk the stage or area, check out the microphone and get comfortable with the space you will be using.

This way you know where you can move to without stumbling and the speaking area will not be a surprise.

Public Speaking Tip #6: Focus On What The Audience Wants/Needs To Hear

This essentially comes down to knowing your audience.

Instead of focusing on what you want to say, do an 180 degree turn and instead focus on what you audience will want or need to hear.

This will help you use words and gestures that grab the audience.

Public Speaking Tip #7: Speak To Someone In The Back Of The Room


Find one person in the back row and focus on that person. Talk directly to him/her. By using this system, you will use a strong voice and with your eyes and focus on the back person, your demeanor will give everyone the impression you are focusing on them.

Public Speaking Tip #8: Make Sure The Audience Knows Your Expertise

In most cases, this is done via the announcements before the speaking engagement. But if there may be a question of your credentials make sure and point to them early in the speech.

One of the first questions an audience has is, “What makes this person qualified to talk about this?”

It is important that you gain credibility.


You will be nervous! Just embrace that nervousness and move forward.

Be yourself and if you slip up at some point, just laugh it off and keep going. Don’t allow a slip to throw you in a whirlpool.

I hope these pointers help you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Part of climbing the rungs of success entail public speaking. If you haven’t read it yet, why not come along and see the ride I have taken in my book, To The Top. You can get a copy here.

So get out there and do it…. Climb

To The Top!

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