They call it constructive criticism but sometimes it feels destructive.

I have noticed that entrepreneurs seem to have the most difficult time accepting criticism. And some criticism is not constructive, but in many cases it is.

You should first consider who is critiquing and measure the authority that person has.

I am providing you with 8 tips on handling constructive criticism. By doing so, you can grow and learn. No matter who the criticism is coming from, you want to handle it calmly and professionally.

I suggest you make a note of these and hang them where you can see them often. You will soon learn how to handle that criticism like a pro.

Constructive Criticism Tip #1: Do Not React

I put this at the top of this list because it will be the hardest one to do.

When someone tells us they have a critique, we tend to react in one form or another.

  • Facial expressions
  • Nervous fidgeting
  • Clenched fists
  • Etc…

You need to work on this. You have about 1 second to make a decision not to react at all.

No reaction is the best reaction.

Constructive Criticism Tip #2: Listen Completely

Most of tend to start searching for defensive responses to the opening sentences of the criticizer. We stop listening and start thinking of defensive “comebacks.”

By listening to the complete critique, you may discover that your initial defensive reaction would actually be ignorant.

Listen completely. You may learn something.

Constructive Criticism Tip #3: It Isn’t Personal

As long as you do not take the critique as an attack against you personally, you should manage the criticism professionally.

You must relate it as business and not a reflection on you as a person.

Remember that we all can learn from other people’s experiences and that is all the person is trying to show you. Maybe they have already failed in that particular area and want to save you from doing the same.

Constructive Criticism Tip #4: Measure Your Trust In The Individual

It IS okay to not listen or accept criticism from a person who does not have your best interests at heart.

I suggest you just professionally decline the critique if you believe the person is doing so to cause you stress or achieve goals only good for them.

If they insist, I suggest having a mediator present.

It really does not make sense to listen to criticism from a person you have no respect for.

Constructive Criticism Tip #5: Admit And Enjoy

When it is obvious during the constructive criticism that you made a mistake, as humans we tend to “brush them to the side.”

That is what the criticizer is expecting…

Throw a curve ball at them and admit you screwed up. Do it with enjoyment. Thank them for pointing this out.

Believe me, if that person likes and respects you, it is probably more difficult for them to criticize your work than it is for you receiving the critique.

By admitting your mistake and showing you are glad they pointed it out, you take the pressure off and will probably get amazing help in getting the issue solved.

Constructive Criticism Tip #6: Ask Questions

After the person has provided a critique, ask questions to delve deep into how they would do it different. Seek solutions and ask the person for help.

Also, by asking questions, you are showing the person you listened to everything they had to say.

Constructive Criticism Tip #7: If You Disagree

Let’s say that you followed all the steps. You listened completely and you are not in a defensive posture, but you still disagree…

The best way to explain starts with, “Thank you for your input. I appreciate your thought pattern but from my perspective…” You explain how you see the end result.

If you use a non-defensive tone and a professional demeanor, that person may just understand your side and why you are doing it the way you are.

Constructive Criticism Tip #8: Stay Positive

Even constructive criticism can hurt deep down. We want to think we are 10 foot tall and bulletproof but we will make mistakes.

Wow, thanks for pointing that out. I would have never caught that. What would I do without you?”

Staying positive through it all will show that you are the professional entrepreneur and not just another power hungry person,


Handling constructive criticism is a chore… But you CAN DO IT!

Just follow the tips and I know you will be able to take the critiques that come.

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Hey, let me know if this post helped you please. And please share it with others.

And if you have any constructive critiques of my post, let me hear them. Because I want you to enjoy reading these.

To The Top!

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