To manage a small business, there are some tasks that you may need to outsource. As a matter of fact, I would say, you should outsource them.

Some of the common things that are outsourced for small business needs are:

  • Marketing
  • Taxes
  • Legal work
  • Internet technology
  • Content
  • Data entry
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Etc…

Have you ever outsourced any of these or other tasks? How was your experience?

For those of you who have never outsourced or had a bad experience, I want to provide you with 8 tips on outsourcing small business needs.

Outsourcing Small Business Needs Tip #1: Ensure You Are On The Same Page

It is important that you and the contractor are on the same page and in agreement on things like:

  • payment terms
  • timeline
  • non-disclosure provisions
  • updates (when and how)
  • etc…

I suggest everything be in writing so there are no surprises.

Outsourcing Small Business Needs Tip #2: Have A Trial Period

It is always wise to have a trial period before committing to a long term outsourcing. This will help both you and the contractor know if this is right and you can work together.

If explained correctly, a contractor should have no issue with a trial run.

Outsourcing Small Business Needs Tip #3: Measure The Cost Effectiveness

Just as an example, let’s say you need to post 3 Facebook and 4 Twitter posts weekly. You find a contractor who is willing to do all for $70.

But you also have a young intern who you are paying $10 an hour for and his work load is actually light.

Does it make sense to hire that contractor?

The intern can probably handle this task and overall, it shouldn’t take him more than 3 hours total. Hmmm, $70 or $30.

Outsourcing Small Business Needs Tip #4: Make Sure Your Keep Ownership

One area that many small business owners outsource is building their website. And this has been a huge issue for some.

The designer is gone, moved on to greener pastures and it is time to update your website, but you find out that designer listed themselves as owner and registrar.

The cost involved in getting that straightened out can be astronomical.

Don’t allow it to happen from the start. Make sure it is understood that you will be listed as the owner and your name will also be added as registrar.

Outsourcing Small Business Needs Tip #5: Don’t Give 1 Freelancer All The Jobs

They call it “putting your eggs in one basket.”

What happens if that person has an accident, leaves unexpectedly or anything of the sort? If you have several contractors, you can manage if one goes AWOL.

Cover all the bases.

Outsourcing Small Business Needs Tip #6: Be Engaged

You do not want to attempt to “micro manage” the contractor. But it is good if you are engaged and check in with them from time to time… See if they have any questions or need any assistance. While the answer will usually be no, they will appreciate you offering.

Outsourcing Small Business Needs Tip #7: Get Employees On Board

If you have employees, I suggest you discuss the idea of outsourcing with them. You do not want them thinking their neck is on the chopping block. Tell them it is so you don’t have to add more to their workload and ask their opinions about it.

By giving them some ownership of this decision, you will find they will be more helpful to the contractor and they will support the decision.

Outsourcing Small Business Needs Tip #8: Look At Reviews

Don’t fall for the temptation to hire a contractor because their rates are lower.

Before contracting anyone to outsource, I suggest you check reviews. Look to see if there are an abnormal amount of negative reviews. Also look at the positives.

It may be worth paying a little more to get a good freelance agent.


Outsourcing small business needs is wise, but only if done so correctly.

Over the years, I have hired several contractors and for the biggest part, they have done a great job.

If you follow these tips, I know you will have success contracting some of your business needs.

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If you have any questions I can help you with, just post them below.

Let’s get your business rising…

To The Top!

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