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One of the best ways to strengthen your brand is by getting followers on your social media pages. And don’t assume that buying followers from Fiverr or some other location will help. You need true followers that will engage in the form of comments and likes. The majority of “purchased” followers will only be names on a list and may not be real people at all.

There are better ways to get more followers on your social sites. Here are 8.

Get More Followers #1: Know Them

The first key in getting more followers is to know the people you want following you. You should attempt to know:

  • Demographics such as gender, age and income levels.
  • Their basic behaviors… What they like and dislike.
  • Buying behaviors.

The more you know about them, the better suited you are to post interesting info and speak in “their language.”

Get More Followers #2: Be Informative

When considering how brands post on social media, I would say that upwards of 80% are self promoting the biggest percentage of the time. The rest give their best at informing their readers about news or changes in the industry.

Which ones do you think draw the biggest following?

The informers win that with flying colors.

So your best bet on social media is to be an informer the biggest percentage of the time. And simply add a call to action at the end of your information to visit your website or store.

Get More Followers #3: Build Relationships With Influencers

You want to find influencers in your industry/niche and start reaching out to build a relationship with them…

  • comment on their content
  • follow their pages
  • share their content

As these influencers see your loyalty, they will often start doing the same for you. And when their followers see that you are favored, they will often start following you too.

It actually comes down to: if you want to be followed, you must follow.

Get More Followers #4: Make Sure Your Profile Is Complete And Professional

The majority of people will review your social profile before they follow you. You want it to be complete.

  • Have a bio that tells your story
  • Fill in your education and work experience
  • Have a great profile image as well as a cover image that relates to your brand

Get More Followers #5: Be Consistent

When I say consistency, I do not mean you MUST post the same day, same time every time. But to gain followers, you should post regularly. The person who posts one day and quits for 2 weeks not only won’t get followers, he/she may lose followers they do have.

Get More Followers #6: Use Some Humor


A hearty laugh does us all good at times.

Do not be afraid of throwing a clean joke or something funny that happened to you into a post every once in awhile.

It shows people that you are normal like they are and you will be amazed as to the amount of people who will follow you just because you made them giggle.

Get More Followers #7: Have Follow Links

By putting “follow me” links on your blog/website and in your email signature, you can gain a lot of followers who may not had even discovered you on the social media sites.

Get More Followers #8: Have Links To Your Other Social Profiles

Generally, people are attached to more than 1 social media site. So it makes good sense that on each of your profiles, you share a link to your other social profiles so followers at one location will also follow you in another.


If you follow these tips, you will soon have many followers engaged in your social pages.

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