Do you have a tribe? Every entrepreneur should.

What is a tribe for an entrepreneur?

Your tribe is that group of followers and fans that believe in you and in what all you teach and preach. Some even claim that an entrepreneurs tribe could be defined a cult.

I do think that may be carrying it overboard, after all, I will not ask you to drink some funny (and possibly deadly) juice. Nor will I claim that the world is going to end tomorrow and you should all get on a train to Pittsburgh. (Some say Pittsburgh will never end).

To gain recognition in your niche, it helps to have a tribe. So in today’s post, I am going to give you various tips and advice on creating and managing a tribe.

Tribe Creation Tip: Have A Vision

To gain followers… A tribe, you must have a vision to share with them. Your tribe must know that you have an ultimate goal with their good at the forefront of that goal.

So create a vision that is a direct reflection of your passion.

Tribe Creation Tip: Name Your Tribe

Every tribe has a name. I suggest you may even want to brainstorm with members to create a name for your tribe.

Tribe Management Tip: Be Consistent

Your tribe is expecting a message… Your message may be:

  • A blog post
  • A Tweet
  • or A Facebook post

They are anticipating that message. But if you fall down and don’t deliver the message, your tribe just may find someone who is consistent.

Tribe Management Tip: Support The Members

As your tribe begins to create, they will need your support. If one writes and publishes a book, you should buy it. If a member asks you to call them so they can ask you some questions, pick up that phone and dial.

Your tribe counts on your support.

Tribe Creation Tip: Be Vulnerable

The best leaders are those who are willing to admit weaknesses. Open up online about some of your faults. This will show potential tribe members that you are a real person and not one of the online robotic people who are full of themselves.

Now I am not saying to let go of every little thing that you have done wrong, just share errors that are within the area of passion your tribe is built around.

Tribe Creation Tip: Define The Enemy or Enemies

Every tribe has at least one enemy. While I am not saying enemies need to be human, you should define the enemy or enemies that your tribe is against:

  • Chemicals in manufactured products
  • Weight gain
  • Animal testing
  • Abuse against elderly or children
  • The list goes on and on

By defining the enemy, it gives your tribe something to work against in various ways.

Tribe Management Tip: Meet

It is a great idea to set up regular meetings where the tribe can all get together. You can use Go To Meeting or another online platform where the tribe can meet, brainstorm and give each other tips. It will be your responsibility to chair these meetings and keep them controlled. Give each person a certain time limit to speak.

Just consider it a tribal Pow Wow.

Tribe Creation Tip: Recruiting

There are various ways to recruit tribe members. Of course, the top method of recruiting is to write and share valuable content. But there are many other ways too. Try these:

  • Find places where potential tribe members may be both online and offline. Interact at other blogs that are geared around a similar niche. Attend conferences that are along the same lines. Be active and offer value in these places and you will gain followers.
  • Reward people for content or actions they have taken that is related to your passion; your vision. You could reward them with a free ebook, give them a commendation on social media or use them as examples in your content linking their website.
  • Offer words of advice or encouragement to struggling entrepreneurs. Act as a mentor asking for nothing in return.

Tribe Management and Creation Tip: Ask Members To Invite Guests

It always help to grow a tribe by having your current members invite just one or two guests to see the tribal workings. You could even set up a free gift (ebook, discount, etc…) for guests that attend a meeting.

Not every guest will join the tribe, but the odds are good that some will.

Now Go Out And Create A Tribe

You can start a new tribe or become a subsidiary of an existing tribe. I would love to have you as a member of my tribe and to show you, I will send you my free book To The Top just for the cost of shipping and handling.

Come and “hook up” with my tribe. Join us at:

Looking forward to meeting you…

To the Top!

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