Many of you know that I have been spending a lot of time in China as of late. While I am not living here yet, I have come to understand some of the challenges and excitement of being an expat entrepreneur.

I must say that China has some amazing people that are full of energy and are ready to take their businesses To The Top.

The food is great too!

If you have considered becoming an expat entrepreneur, I have these 9 tips that will help you on your mission.

I know they will help you and if you do have any questions, feel free to ask at the end of this post.

Expat Entrepreneur Tip #1: Network With Fellow Expats

Get out and meet other expats. They don’t necessarily have to be entrepreneurs. By networking with others, you can get hints and tips on various things you should know in the country you have chosen.

Another great benefit of networking with other expats is those moments you are feeling twinges of homesickness or loneliness.

Also, fellow expats may refer you to natives who are interested in the ideas you have.

Expat Entrepreneur Tip #2: Get Out Of The Tourist Zones

While there may be some entrepreneur opportunities in the tourist areas, I suggest you will discover the true problems and issues the natives need solved by getting out into the areas where most tourists will not go.

You do want to stay safe, so don’t wear expensive jewelry and look like the “perfect victim.”

As you stroll through these areas, I believe your creative side will come alive.

Expat Entrepreneur Tip #3: Do Your Research Before Leaving

It is a great idea to hit the internet and research the country you are moving to. You will want to discover other businesses that have succeeded and look into the needs of the people that are not being met.

Some excellent websites you may want to look at are:

Expat Entrepreneur Tip #4: Learn Some Of The Language

I know this can be difficult… My Chinese is terrible. But, just attempting to learn some will show that you have the drive and desire to be a part of the good in the country you choose.

You could take courses, but there are many apps available to help you learn the basics.

One great one is DuoLingo.

Expat Entrepreneur Tip #5: Check The Legalities

You absolutely want to make sure that you will be able to renew your employment visa after you have your start up running.

Some entrepreneurs have discovered they had to go through an obstacle course just to renew their visa after they had the business running.

You want to also know all the tax legalities. It would be wise to hire a local tax attorney and/or accountant.

Expat Entrepreneur Tip #6: Find A Local Partner You Can Trust

It can help immensely if you have a person who understands the ins and outs of the area. This doesn’t mean getting someone from the U.S. whose grandparents came from the country.

You should find someone who has lived, worked and immersed their selves in the culture and understand it completely.

Expat Entrepreneur Tip #7: Check Into Special Economic And Business Zones

Many countries are looking to help smaller areas with their economic stress. To do so, they offer huge tax breaks, free or low rental on commercial property, lower interest rates and much more.

China has a plethora of special economic zones, and I am sure other countries have similar offerings.

Expat Entrepreneur Tip #8: Research The Best Marketing Methods

Maybe Facebook was a top method for your business in the United States but you may discover that the social network is not the top marketing method in South Africa.

This is where networking with others comes in handy.

You will want to find and test the various marketing methods that seem to work best in the country you are now in.

Keep in mind that many countries have restrictions on the internet.

Expat Entrepreneur Tip #9: Don’t Be Afraid To Integrate Some Americanism

While it IS important that you adopt yourself to the local culture, you may discover something we have here in America that is not found where you landed. And, that could be your ticket to huge success.

The person who introduced the leather jacket or Levi jeans to China grabbed the attention quickly and made a lot of money.

If you notice something we have here they don’t have there, try it!!! You may find huge success.


Well, there you have 9 expat entrepreneur tips. Keep coming back because as I find more, I will share them.

You know, I have been considering translating my book To The Top into Chinese. The people here are so fired up and I would like to help them even more.

Are you “fired up?”

Well, read the book! You can get it here… To The Top by Eric Tippetts

If you have been an expat, I would love to hear your story. Please share it in the comment area below.

With that, I will say…

Dào dǐngbù 到顶部

That is simplified Chinese for

To The Top!

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