We all have witnessed it at some points in our lives; that speaker who was dull, monotone, boring and we put on our sunglasses and slept.

It is up to you as the presenter to ensure your audience is alive, engaged and excited.

To help you, I am going to share 9 tips on giving exciting presentations.

No one will put on their sunglasses.

Exciting Presentations Tip #1: Focus On Audience Interests

It is important that you KYA (Know Your Audience).

You want to keep their interests at the center of your presentation.

As an example… You are giving a presentation on travel opportunities. The audience is newly retired school teachers. You could give the presentation on surfing off South Africa or the presentation focusing on the 7 day cruise to Alaska.

The audience in this case will probably be more receptive to Alaska. How many retired surfers do you know?

Exciting Presentations Tip #2: Be Spontaneous And Unpredictable

How do you think your audience would react if…

  • You suddenly broke into verses of songs at times
  • Or you use jokes at prime moments
  • Etc…

Just by using a spontaneous system will help keep your audience engaged.

Exciting Presentations Tip #3: Give Them Bites, Not Meals

In today’s world, audiences stay more “tuned in” to presentations when the presenter is giving the information in bite-size chunks.

No matter if you are using slides, speaking or any other format, you need to provide short, powerful bits of info. Allow them to “swallow” that info and feed them another bite.

Exciting Presentations Tip #4: Tell Stories

Just think about it, everyone loves stories. There is nothing wrong with integrating short stories within your presentation.

Just tell your story with enthusiasm and show the audience you are a part of the story.

Exciting Presentations Tip #5: Use The PST Formula

In the majority of presentations entrepreneurs will give, I suggest the PST Formula. Each letter stands for:

  1. Problem – Within the first part, you will address the problem that needs to be solved.
  2. Solvation – Someone will probably tell me solvation isn’t a word. IT IS NOW! You tell the audience how you intend to solve the problem.
  3. Technicalities – This is the “nuts and bolts,” and is where you will want to break down the technicalities in an easy to understand system. This is where many presenters can lose their audience. You want to sprinkle in the other tips.

Exciting Presentations Tip #6: Emphasize Key Words And Phrases

This goes right along with not being monotone. As you go through, change your pitch with keywords and phrases. This will sink into the minds of your audience.

Exciting Presentations Tip #7: Ask Questions Often

When you ask a question in the midst of the presentation and pause to give the audience a moment to “digest” it, you WILL engage your audience.

And always give the audience opportunities to speak too. Just control the amount of time they are speaking.

Exciting Presentations Tip #8: Keep It Short

Just because you are allotted 20 minutes does not need you need to take it all. If you can give your audience the “nuts and bolts” in 13 minutes, your audience will be happy.

Exciting Presentations Tip #9: Use Emotion

If your presentation has a part that is sad, show sadness, if joy, be happy!

Let your vocal inflections reflect the emotional part.

This will keep your audience engaged as they will also feel the emotion.


Last but not least, get motivated before the presentation. Don’t let fear have the power.

As a matter of fact, you should use 7 Days To Unstoppable Motivation. Get it here.

I hope this helps you with presentations.

If you have any questions, just post them below.

To The Top!

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