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Sometimes I find myself being analytical and critical of various advertising schemes and methods. I put myself in the shoes of the intended “target market” and attempt to determine, “Would I buy that?” or “Would I use that?”

Be it advertising on billboards, in publications or on the worldwide web via Google Adsense, Facebook or other mediums, I have witnessed good, bad, great, terrible and mediocre.

Over the years, I have tested out many advertising schemes and I have achieved great, terrible, mediocre, and all other adjectives in between.

It is called learning by experience.

But you do not have to go through the costs of running bad ads. You can learn from my experiences as well as other entrepreneurs.

Here are 8 tips, tricks and secrets to run high converting advertising schemes.

Advertising Schemes #1: Use Your Unique Visual Elements

You should absolutely use your unique logo and brand name within any, and all your advertising schemes.

This has the benefit of brand recognition. Maybe a person will not buy immediately, but as that logo gets into their head, their realization that you are a known brand and trusted will become a reality.

Advertising Schemes #2: Make It Venue Related

The venue you are using to advertise make a huge difference in the type of ad you should run. Don’t use the same ad on Facebook that you would use in a newspaper.

We have discovered that using unique images, not stock photos, on Facebook draws more attention. Whereas on publication ads, stock images will work.

Before developing an ad, consider the venue.

Advertising Schemes #3: Use A Carousel Format

This works especially well on social media. A carousel of images showing products, staff, or even the process of manufacturing.

Images in a carousel draw a lot of attention. I suggest you give it a try and see how the Return On Investment comes out.

Advertising Schemes #4: Keep Text Short For Outside Advertising

When it comes to billboards, ads on telephone poles or any other type of outdoor ads, you need to consider the fact that people only have a short time to read what is said. Keep your text to 7 words or less and the person will be able to catch everything written as they drive past.

Make the contact easy to read… Actually, consider your font and the boldness of your words. Just imagine yourself in a car at 25 – 30 MPH trying to read what you are saying.

Advertising Schemes #5: Use An Enticing Color

I suggest finding a color that blends well with your logo and sticking strong to it.

Just consider…

  • John Deere Green
  • Coca Cola Red
  • McDonald’s Yellow

What color will be associated with your brand?

Do keep in mind there are many psychological traits with colors…

  • Red = urgency
  • Blue = Masculinity
  • Green = Health and vitality
  • Purple = Wisdom
  • Yellow = Optimism
  • Black = Power… But should be used cautiously.
  • White = Safety

Advertising Schemes #6: Run A/B Tests

It always is wise to design 2 advertising schemes and run them at the same time. Watch the stats to see which one is drawing the most attention.

Use those statistics in your decision as to which ad you will run for the duration.

Advertising Schemes #7: Racy Works

Let’s all admit it… Sex sells.

But many do not want to go out and get photos of humans with nearly nothing on… Or do we?

Use a creative touch. Volkswagen had an ad that did amazingly well when they posted a convertible and simply said, “Go Topless.”

Using any type of racy or sex intended message can get more attention.

Advertising Schemes #8: Illicit Emotion

When advertising draws out

  • laughter
  • anger
  • sadness
  • or any other emotion,

people buy.

It may seem like a dirty ploy to “play” with people’s emotions, but the fact remains that emotion sells.


The biggest key in developing any type of advertising scheme is to use empathy. Put yourself in the target customer’s shoes. Will they buy from the message in your ad?

When you can provide what they want to see instead of what you think they need to see, you will have advertising success.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to post them below and I will try my best to get you an answer.

I want to provide you with one other gift… Get my free training course, 7 Days To Unstoppable Motivation by clicking here.

One step at a time, we will take you and your business…

To The Top!

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