It happens to writers, artists, musicians and it also happens to entrepreneurs. That spirit of creativity sometimes falls asleep. Things go blank and in many cases, the individual feels a fear like no other.

As entrepreneurs, creativity is our “bread and butter.” There is no time for it to sleep. And, I can testify that coffee, Coca Cola and energy drinks are not the answer to awaken your entrepreneurial creativity.

In today’s post, I am going to share 5 tips that can awaken and enliven your creativity; and not just for entrepreneurs, but for any person who must rely on creativity to survive and prosper.

Awaken Your Entrepreneurial Creativity Tip #1: Go Where No Man Has Gone Before

For some odd reason, Captain Kirk and Spock are running around my brain today, so I just had to use the Star Trek tagline.

What I mean here is get out and explore what is around you. Just take a drive around the countryside or walk the urban streets and explore.

Explore some oddball websites or read books you never considered reading.

You see, exploration is like pouring cold water on the sleeping face of creativity. It WILL awaken and be prepared for creativity to just go into an amazing state.

Awaken Your Entrepreneurial Creativity Tip #2: Creativity Often Is Awake When You Sleep

You may wonder why you are not sleeping good. Before I give you some answers, improper sleep can damage your creative spirit.

The common things are:

  • A bad mattress and pillow
  • Too much noise
  • And too much caffeine late in the day

But what many people don’t think about is technology.

That smartphone, tablet or laptop may be the most damaging item to your sleep.

DO NOT keep those items near you when sleeping! Oh well, you don’t see that notification or get that call about something stupid at 2:30 AM.

That light that emits from these devices is actually sleep inhibition. Once you open it, getting back to a “good” sleep is more difficult.

So close the technology at night and awaken the creativity within.

Awaken Your Entrepreneurial Creativity Tip #3: A Tribal Brainstorming Session

brainstorm session

Get that tribe together!

Time to have a tribal brainstorm. You may just pick a word or phrase and have each member speak for 2 minutes or less on that subject.

I suggest you have a notepad because as this happens, creativity will awaken from that deep slumber and your brain will probably spin faster than you can write.

Maybe recording the meeting will help too.

Awaken Your Entrepreneurial Creativity Tip #4: Delegate The Mundane Tasks

I often find entrepreneurs “losing” their creative spirit because they have put on all the hats of the business.

When you are running to and fro doing all the mundane and menial tasks to keep the business running, you are not allowing your brain to “slip” into that creative atmosphere.

Delegate… Outsource… Just make it happen so you have time to be the creative individual you were designed to be.

Awaken Your Entrepreneurial Creativity Tip #5: Erase Negatives Or At Least Ignore Them

Creativity needs positivity to be able to function. If you are surrounded by negatives with people, situations or even the colors of your environment, you either need to erase it, change it or find a way to ignore it.

I mention the word ignore because I have been asked if a person should “blacklist” a family member because of their consistent negative attitude.

Let me just state that without negative, we would not have positive. It is negative that actually creates the problems that our positive creativity can solve.

What I am saying is, negative is here to stay, but to be a successful and creative entrepreneur, wiping as many of the negatives away you possibly can will be beneficial.


I know that if you use the tips I gave you today, you will find that awakening of entrepreneurial creativity you are seeking.

Along with these tips, I want to provide you with a free training course to help you make money with your creation… Click here to get 7 Days To Profitability and you can win with that creation.

I am glad that you stopped in and if you have any questions just post them below.

Thanks and we will be watching you climb…

To The Top!

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