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Bo Van Pelt Interview

In this week’s episode of The Insider’s Edge Interview hosts Eric Tippetts & Jeff sit down with PGA Golf Pro and former member of the World’s Top 20 Golf Ranking Bo Van Pelt!

In this episode we discuss:

1. What it takes to become a world-class athlete
2. How to balance family and work while traveling every week
3. How Bo is creating impact through his charitable work and foundations

This was a super fun interview with one the most engaging, accomplished guests we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing. Please feel free to share with friends, coworkers or that golf fan in your life!

Show Notes:

Bo Van Pelt – Professional Golfer, Father, Husband & Philanthropist

– If you want to be the best, you hang out with the best group you can be around. You go practice with the best players, you just play. You shut up and listen and watch what they do.

– How do you prepare mentally? We only have one battery for our mind and our body. If you use that battery just to get your body to perform, you won’t have that battery left for when you need to have your mind perform. You have to be able to compartmentalize depending where you are. No matter if it’s on the golf course, or at home with your family.

– “We want to leave it better than we found it”

– Through our First Tee Program, we teach 170 kids each summer 9 Core Values through the game of golf: honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, respect, confidence, responsibility, perseverance, courtesy and judgment

– “Seek advice from an uninterested third party”

5 Questions:

  1. My purpose is…To Leave It Better Than I Found It
  2. My Vision is…To Take Advantage of My Second Lease on My Golf Life As It Relates to My Family 
  3. I am…The Luckiest Guy in The World
  4. It all comes down to…Execution & Consistency
  5. What I understand best is…That I Don’t Understand That Much

To connect with Bo Van Pelt, please visit:


Twitter: @bovanpelt


Hope you enjoy!

Eric Tippetts


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