What’s up?

What’s up?

What’s up everybody?

You know what?

Here’s something I hear all the time from so many entrepreneurs is the blame game. They blame their environment, their circumstances, people around them, the government.

Everything, but never take responsibility for the choices they may make or the non-action they take and wonder why they don’t get anywhere. I wanted to shoot this video first of all to say, you got to take action. You’re never going to experience amazing or epic things if you never take action. You can just sit on the couch and think and dream and be positive but if you don’t take action nothing’s ever going to happen for you.

You Are A Product Of Your Environment

Number two is, you got to put yourself in an environment, surroundings and that could be people.

If you have negative people around you always wanting to pull you down, where do you think you’re going to go? Down, right?

You want people that pull you up and inspire you and encourage you and empower you to do bigger things.

The second is when I talk about environment and surround yourself, it’s your environment meaning

  • Where do you wake up?
  • Where are you doing your work at?
  • If it’s something that people are constantly nagging at you and an environment that’s dirty, it’s cluttered.

I talk a lot about Feng Shui; about the energy of obstacles and things around you. Your environment has a major play on your productivity, your momentum, your attitude that you have towards what you’re doing. Right?

Inspire, Not Expire

You need to choose environments that inspire you versus expire you.

That you wake up and you’re tired every day and you’re wondering why I am so tired.

It’s because your environment is weighing on you, it’s constantly putting pressure on you. You need to put yourself in an environment that inspires you and makes you want to go bigger, makes you want to work harder every day.

I wanted to show you my environment today … about inspiring. This is Saint Thomas, the beautiful US Virgin Islands. Give you the beautiful beach right there. I never shoot videos to brag or to show you what I’m doing.

What I’m really doing is showing you it’s possible.

I didn’t grow up rich and silver spoon in my mouth and everything given to me.

I worked for it, I worked hard, I worked my butt off to get to where I’m at.

I want to inspire others to take action like that and to believe in yourself, to have the right mindset but also to get in the right environment that encourages you to go bigger, to be bigger, to act bigger, to trust yourself bigger. Because I’ll tell you what, too many people want to pull each other down and never want to see anybody succeed up and above them.

Get around people that are bigger than you, that pull you up to their level and get in inspiring places.

Also, I want to let you guys and gals know, the book To The Top IS in audio. You can get it here.

Have a great day.

To The Top!

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