Here Are 10 Tell-Tale Signs You Can

Maybe you have not been a contestant on Shark Tank and maybe you are not yet rolling in truckloads of revenue. But you still may be able to use the designation of entrepreneur in your title. Just because someone tells you you are not an entrepreneur does not mean they are correct.

I have decided to give you 10 tell-tale signs that say you ARE an entrepreneur.

If any fit, feel free to use (Your Name) – Super Entrepreneur [or something similar] on your business card.

People ask me all the time, ‘How can I become a successful entrepreneur?’ And I have to be honest: It’s one of my least favorite questions, because if you’re waiting for someone else’s advice to become an entrepreneur, chances are you’re not one.” Michael Dell

#1 Tell-Tale Sign: You Come From A Family Of Entrepreneurs

While this isn’t an absolute, we know that many career choices run in the family.

  • The farmer’s son becomes a farmer.
  • The plumber has a daughter who loves “sweating copper”.
  • And politician’s kids often become politicians.

So it just makes sense that if you had multiple entrepreneurs in your family, you will be an entrepreneur.

#2 Tell-Tale Sign: Reaching A Goal Is Not Good Enough For You

Many people just gloat in their pride when they reach a goal. They sit back and enjoy the accomplishment. But not you; sure, you reached that goal, but that will not suffice. You set a loftier goal and start working towards reaching it so you can set an even higher goal.

#3 Tell-Tale Sign: You Are Prone To Getting Into Trouble

While I don’t want to make it sound like I condone breaking laws or rules, I have discovered true entrepreneurs will sometimes cross barriers that many other people would dare not cross.

There is an old statement about asking for forgiveness instead of permission. Entrepreneurs often keep that as one of their prime operating methods.

#4 Tell-Tale Sign: Selling Is Exciting

If you just love the challenge of selling something… anything, you are probably an entrepreneur.

Would you take on the challenge of selling surf boards to people living in the Rock Mountains? Maybe selling cold weather mittens to people in Ecuador?

The person who loves the prospect of selling is often an entrepreneur.

#5 Tell-Tale Sign: Can’t Is Not In The Dictionary

That word can’t is not in your dictionary. When someone uses the word with you, you understand it as “I dare you”.

If you absolutely need or want something done, just tell an entrepreneur they can’t do it. It will get done!

#6 Tell-Tale Sign: You Must Be In Control

Control issues are a common sign in entrepreneurs. Sometimes that issue can lead to burn out. So many entrepreneurs must realize their control issues and make active decisions to let some control go. But if you know that you are always wanting to have complete control, you are probably an entrepreneur.

#7 Tell-Tale Sign: Others Bring Their Problems To You Because They Know You Are The Best Problem Solver

You seem to always find a way to solve a problem that other people cannot solve. If people were planning on climbing Mount Everest, they would probably ask you to come along knowing that you are a quick thinker when problems arise.

#8 Tell-Tale Sign: Your Idea Of A Day Off…

Is when you can work on needed tasks without having to

  • Feed the dog
  • Mow the yard
  • or take out the trash

#9 Tell-Tale Sign: The Gossip Is That You Are Slightly Crazy

Sooner or later the gossip will come to you… “Daddy, Daddy, Jenny told me at school that her Mom was talking with a friend at the laundromat about you… They said you are crazy. Are you?”

C’mon now… Please leave a comment at the end of this post as to how you would answer your child.

But face it, entrepreneurs do tend to give others the impression that we are crazy.

#10 Tell-Tale Sign: You Can Converse With Anyone

Just ask any entrepreneur’s spouse about this. “Heck, if a mad dictator of a South American country was waiting at the train station, my entrepreneur spouse would start a conversation with him and probably be lining up a meeting in South America to talk business.”


You know what? I left out one of the biggest tell-tales signs; if you are reading this post all the way down to here, You Are An Entrepreneur!

I hope you had a few giggles while reading this post and I also hope you never again question whether you are truly an entrepreneur.

So get out and take action and solve that next problem but before you go, make sure you get a copy of my book To The Top – It is your wealth blueprint.

Thank you and please share this with your friends on social media… They may need the giggles too!

To The Top!

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