There are many people who have this assumption that they are just one person and they have no say in the operations of this world. They believe they have no input on change but I am here to tell you, you can change the world.

Small movements by entrepreneurs that, at the moment, seemed like nothing have developed into marvels that have amazed the human population.

After all in the 1700’s, who would have ever thought we wouldn’t need a horse and buggy to move from point A to point B?

Or what about that roll of film you had to deliver to the store to get developed and hope all the pictures from your Grand Canyon vacation came good? The digital camera solved that.

And then that crazy guy who invented a way to light rooms without a kerosene lantern.

If any of these people would have assumed they could not change the world, would we be where we are today?

So if you are in that “I can’t” thought pattern…

Change Your Mindset!

Here are a variety of ideas on how you can change the world.

Change The World By Starting In Your Corner Of It

While you may have a dream of solving starvation in the Sahara Desert region, have you considered the problems that exist in your local area?

Most entrepreneurs who made major changes in the world started small. They started locally and found problems they could solve right there in their little corner.

Often, these entrepreneurs solved a local problem that was actually bigger than local. They gained trust and respect and ended up changing the world.

Change The World With Positivism

No matter where we look, it seems that negative is the primary ingredient.

While I believe humans have the right to debate and attempt to change political stances, I just cannot fall into that negative “pit.”

If you are one of the positive people who consistently shares the good, the value and the benefits instead of focusing on the negatives, YOU ARE CHANGING THE WORLD!

Change The World With Hugs

I am going to say this to all those “Macho Men” out there…

Real men give hugs!

It is okay! Each hug you give is changing the world. You see, we all need hugs and if you have ever studied what is known as the Butterfly Effect, you will realize that 1 hug you give can make a huge difference.

The Butterfly Effect simply explains how one flap of a butterfly’s wings can effect weather patterns thousands of miles away.

So I challenge you… Hug 3 people each day. Heck, hug more than 3.

Change The World By Participating In A Volunteer Project

Just simple volunteer projects such as cleaning a polluted water channel or park, or possibly helping to remodel a low income elderly person’s home can make a huge impact in the world as we know it.

Just make some time to volunteer and watch the world change around you.

Change The World With Your Heart, Kidneys, Lungs, Etc…

Our lives are just a split second in the scheme of all things.

At any given moment it can be over, but you can still change the world even at that moment in time.


Donate your organs to save other lives.

Change The World By Boycotting The Bad And Supporting The Good

We all have our values and we must live by those values.

I am not going to tell you what your values should be. But I will tell you you should stand strong on them.

If a business is breaking the values you live by, you should boycott that business, and I on the flip side, if a business follows the values that are instilled in you, you should support that business.

I also do believe you need to speak up and tell a business why you are either boycotting or supporting them. If they don’t hear, how will they know what customers think?

Change The World By Refusing To Allow Others To Steal Your Dreams

There are many people who will try to say you can’t, won’t or shouldn’t. Before you listen to these people, try taking a close look at what they have accomplished. I believe you will discover that most of the people using that terminology have never even tried to reach a dream.

I suggest that, if it is not illegal, you go for it. It is your dream and if you don’t go for it, you will regret it forever.

If the Wright brothers would have listened to all the negatives, we would not be flying today.

So Get Out There And Change The World

Pretend you are that butterfly who flaps your wing and changes the weather far away… You CAN!

You know, that is why I wrote and published the book To The Top. I am giving secrets to create an amazing life of health and wealth and in doing so, you will change the world.

Get your free copy of To The Top here.

So with that let me ask you, have you been hugged today?

Well here is my virtual hug to you…

To The Top!

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