While the majority of users consider Facebook the fun social site where you can somewhat be carefree, Linkedin is the professional network where entrepreneurs, professionals and job seekers intermingle. Some of what is done on Facebook could be deemed as professional mistakes on Linkedin.

Now as an entrepreneur, I believe you should follow the same professional etiquette on all social networks but if you absolutely must act foolish from time to time, I suggest that you leave out your Linkedin page for those antics.

No matter where you are in the professional world, I know you will be thankful you read this post and were forewarned about these 10 mistakes on Linkedin that could damage your reputation.

Mistakes On Linkedin #1: Typos

Linkedin does not have spell check, so take a close look at what you are writing. Yes, it probably will still happen, but having embarrassing typos like their when it should have been there can bring an attack from the University English professor.

Mistakes On Linkedin #2: No Photo Or A Terrible Photo

Make sure you have a photo… A good photo. Remember that Linkedin is professional, so make it a professional head shot. You may even consider in investing in a good shot.

Mistakes On Linkedin #3: No Past Experience

One of the primary items that others will examine when deciding to network with you is your past business or work experience. Do not neglect adding this information.

Mistakes On Linkedin #4: Your Title

If you are the CEO of (your business), put that. If you are the janitor, you may want to put something like The Leader of Clean.

Make sure your title is not boring and you will grab the attention of other professionals.

Mistakes On Linkedin #5: Spamming Other Linkedin Users With Your Business Opportunity

If you really want to damage your professional reputation quickly, just commit this major Linkedin mistake.

Sure, share your blog posts on your feed or in Linkedin groups that allow, but don’t “puke” your business proposition on people who have not requested it.

If a person requests info from you, you have the go-ahead… But only then.

Mistakes On Linkedin #6: Not Joining Groups

Being a member of a few groups that directly relate to your talents, business format or expertise is a great way to build your professional demeanor at Linkedin.

And do share in those groups. Believe me, you will meet some great contacts in, and through Linkedin groups.

Mistakes On Linkedin #7: Not Connecting With Influencers

It does help to follow and connect with influencers in your industry. By doing so, posts they share will come up on your feed and keep you aware of news. Items you share will often be liked and possibly shared by those influencers which will build your influence.

Mistakes On Linkedin #8: Posting Like You Do On Facebook

Keep in mind that posts on Linkedin need to be business, work or of a professional nature.

Really now, do you think the followers on Linkedin want to see your new litter of kittens? Or the roast beef and mashed potatoes you had for dinner?

Keep it professional!

Mistakes On Linkedin #9: Only Sharing Your Material

Yes, you have a great blog with a lot of educational material, but if all you are sharing is your blog posts, you still look like a spammer.

Mix in other material from other sources and you will be considered “well-rounded.”

Mistakes On Linkedin #10: Posting Negative Material Or Comments

The majority of Linkedin users do not want to associate with Nancy The Nag or Negative Norman.

Linkedin is not the place to post negative material and if you feel you must criticize, don’t do so publicly.

Linkedin is meant to be a positive zone.


There are right and wrong ways to use social media to build your business connections.

I know that many network marketers have the idea they can just join Linkedin and start recruiting people on their team. Yes, Linkedin is a great recruiting tool, but only if used properly.

If you want the bet recruiting tool, I suggest you invest in Rocket Recruiting. It gives you the ability to recruit a monstrous team. You can get Rocket Recruiting here.

Thanks for stopping by today.

I hope this helped you understand how to make Linkedin a great social site for your professional makeup.

If you have any questions, just post them below.

To The Top!

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