Donte Andry Interview

In this next episode of The Insider’s Edge host Eric Tippetts sits down with Donte Andry, serial entrepreneur and one of the most successful Herbalife distributors!

In this episode we discuss:

1. Growing a multi-million dollar network marketing business
2. Lessons learned in childhood that act as a catalyst for success
3. Keeping our “money pipeline” open so that abundance can flow into our lives

Show Notes:

Donte Andry – Entrepreneur, President, Founder

– What you say to yourself is where you go. Inner Dialog is the most impactful force on your life and the way you operate.

– Give, give, give you will absolutely receive. It’s hard to explain but it just works that way. The universe will mirror the energy that you put out.

– Money is energy and is constantly in flow. If you block, kink or otherwise stop  the flow of money then it will no longer flow to you. It is always moving and our responsibility is to keep it moving.

– We get so comfortable in our own lives: car, home, job, etc that when we think of making a change even to something that seems to be better we get scared and let fear drive our decisions.

– “It’s either working for you, or working for someone else”.

5 Questions:

  1. My purpose is….To Be a Man of Impact & Service Leader
  2. My Vision is…To Grow Something That is Bigger Than Me
  3. I am….In Control of My Attitude and Choose to Be Confident
  4. It all comes down to…Action   
  5. What I understand best is…That I Know Little 

To connect with Donte please visit:


LinkedIn: @donteandry

Hope you enjoy this weeks guest as much as we did.

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Much Love,

Eric Tippetts

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