Have you ever had a person just come out and tell you there was an amazing glow surrounding you? And after the person says this, you realize that you are having a marvelous day. You are “in the zone.” Everything you say, do or touch seems to just magically flow the way you desire.

Some people call it charisma but I just love the word aura. It is the energy coming from you that fills the complete area surrounding you.

I believe there are auras in positive and negative realms. We all have an aura, and they are either positive or negative. Some people have large auras and other people have small auras.

If you are aware of auras, you can examine the people around you and determine their aura.

But it does seem that humans have a difficult time knowing their own aura. It seems mirrors will not give us that information. But I do believe there are signs what your entrepreneur aura looks like. You do have the ability to know your entrepreneur aura just by understanding more about yourself and how people look at you.

While I cannot determine how other people see your entrepreneur aura, I can give you some tips on building a bright shining, positive aura. And when you notice more people wanting to be near you… to listen to you, you will know that you are showing a bright and positive aura.

Your Entrepreneur Aura: Consider Your Mannerisms

Your actions and demeanor during silent moments can tell others a lot about your aura.

If you are nervous and agitated, this will show with such actions as:

  • Leg shaking
  • Nail biting
  • Finger tapping
  • Etc…

Now just think about a person you know who has these mannerisms often. Do you feel comfortable around them? Do you not find your own inner being becoming agitated when you spend time near them?

This is because their nervous and seemingly negative aura is flowing to you.

If you recognize that you have these mannerisms, I suggest you do all you can to stop them.

Try to define what is making you nervous or agitated and deal with it.

Your Entrepreneur Aura: Tell Stories

Whether you are speaking to one person or 1,000 people, tell stories.

People love stories and will listen intently to a story if told with excitement.

Just consider the entrepreneurs you respect the most; they tell stories.

Your Entrepreneur Aura: Listen To All Opinions

No matter the person, they always have some talent or experience that can be helpful.

If you want to have a bright and positive aura, you learn to not judge anyone. The homeless guy has an opinion as does the Queen of England. And by listening to all opinions and ideas without labeling the person will brighten your aura immensely.

Your Entrepreneur Aura: Be Honest

Some people have this thought pattern that to be liked, they should tell people what they want to hear.

I disagree!

While you may gain an immediate following by telling people what they want to hear, if you know that the truth is completely different, your aura will turn gray and may turn black.

Now there are times it is better to just stay silent but if asked, be honest. It may not be popular immediately but in the long run, you will gain respect and your aura will brighten.

Your Entrepreneur Aura: Dress For Success

Sure, your aura comes from your inner being, but it can shine better and brighter if you dress sharp.


Because you feel better about yourself and your confidence will be overwhelming just from wearing sharp attire along with hair, breath and other grooming items.

Your Entrepreneur Aura: Own Your Mistakes

If you really think about it, when a mistake is made in a business, no matter who committed the mistake, it is the entrepreneur’s mistake. It is the person who runs the business who made the mistake.

Now maybe it was an employee or contractor who made the mistake, but since the entrepreneur delegated the task to that person, it is the entrepreneur’s mistake.

The entrepreneur who owns those mistakes is the entrepreneur with a bright aura.


Do you get it?

Do you understand how important your entrepreneur aura is?

I have written before about building a tribe and about networking. These, along with recruiting and selling, will be dependent on your entrepreneur aura.

Your aura can grow brighter if you are motivated. To help you with that, I want to give you a free training course called 7 days To Unstoppable Motivation. Get it here.

I hope this post helped you. Let me know and I want to wish you, your brand, your business all climbs

To The Top!

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