The world has had some fantastic entrepreneurs throughout time. While many of us try to learn something from any entrepreneurs we meet, there are others who I like to say we want to emulate.

Now do not get me wrong… I am not saying we want to copy, or even be just like them, but there are many traits these people have that we also desire.

Emulate: Match or surpass (a person or achievement), typically by imitation.

So I am going to tell you about some entrepreneurs you may want to emulate. Some you may be familiar with, and others not. So I will try to leave a link with each so you can learn even more about them.

Entrepreneur To Emulate: Ted Turner

My son is now an ‘entrepreneur.’ That’s what you’re called when you don’t have a job.” Ted Turner

If we were to poll 100 people, I would bet that a percentage would have a dislike for Ted, without have ever meeting him. Ted is most well known for founding CNN, but he has done so much more.

It all started when Ted took over his Father’s billboard business in 1963. Ted began purchasing lucrative opportunities primarily in media.

Ted has a giving side too. He gave $1 Billion to the United Nations which created the U.N. Foundation. He is pro environment.

Back in 1983, Ted challenged Rupert Murdoch to a televised fistfight.

You can see more about Ted Turner here.

Entrepreneur To Emulate: Robert Johnson

All business is personal…Make your friends before you need them.” Robert Johnson

Robert was the first black American to become a billionaire. He is best known for founding BET (Black Entertainment Television). He also founded RLJ Companies that invests in business sectors.

He is also a very giving man. Robert created the Liberia Enterprise Development Fund with a $30 million investment. He also worked with Morgan Freeman to raise funding for hurricane preparedness in the Bahamas.

You can read more about Robert Johnson here.

Entrepreneur To Emulate: Craig Newmark

Realize that you can’t make everyone happy.” Craig Newmark

We hear his name consistently, but right now you may not be recognizing where, what or why.

Craig founded the popular website where people can trade, sell and more called CraigsList.

Craig Newmark worked as a programmer for IBM for years, and never even touched the internet during that time. When he moved to San Francisco to work for Charles Schwab, he was introduced to the worldwide web and soon developed that outstanding website.

Craig was featured in Forbes as being a billionaire in the making. He strongly supports many small grassroots organizations.

Learn more about Craig Newmark here.

Entrepreneur To Emulate: John Mackey

I started out young and idealistic, and it was all about social justice and fair distribution of resources. I didn’t understand why everybody couldn’t be equally prosperous.” John Mackey

John is a co-founder and the CEO of Whole Foods Market. He is completely about creating a healthier world primarily through people’s eating patterns.

John is rich beyond anyone’s dreams but to meet the man, you would never know it. He lives frugally. And what I really admire is the fact that he lowered his pay to $1 per year. He donated his stock portfolio to charity and set up a $100,000 fund for any staff who were facing personal problems.

You can read about John Mackey here.

Entrepreneur To Emulate: Henry Kaiser

I make progress by having people around me who are smarter than I am and listening to them. And I assume that everyone is smarter about something than I am.” Henry Kaiser

Henry was born in the late 1800’s in New York. He worked to save his money and moved to the State of Washington in 1906. He started his entrepreneurial career with a construction company. He then started many other businesses with ship building being one of the biggest.

Knowing his employees needed healthcare, Kaiser Permanente clinics and hospitals were instituted.

All throughout California, we see Henry Kaiser’s name everywhere. He was a great entrepreneur who truly cared about his fellow man.

Entrepreneur To Emulate: Matt Flannery & Jessica Jackley

Matt Flannery along with his ex-wife Jessica Jackley co-founded Kiva.Org.

Essentially, it was one entrepreneur helping thousands, if not millions of other entrepreneurs. Kiva is a crowd funding site where entrepreneurs can get financial backing for their projects, ideas and dreams.

We can really appreciate this idea that was built completely on a non-profit stance.

I listed this last on this Entrepreneurs To Emulate post because if you are seeking funding for your entrepreneurial dream, you just may want to visit the Kiva website here and see if they can help you.


As entrepreneurs we can, and should learn from other entrepreneurs. I know that in just researching and writing about these entrepreneurs, I learned a few things. One big thing that we should always remember is we are all different and we may not agree on some things. But, as entrepreneurs we can learn from each other and even if that person has different political, religious or any other views, it doesn’t mean we should “tune them out.”

I appreciate what these, and many other entrepreneurs have done to change our world for the better. And, they made money doing so.

It can be the same way for you. I can help… Get your free copy of To The Top here and make your move to entrepreneurial success.

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