It saddens me…

A vast amount of people go through their lives with the idea that average is good.

“Well, at least I can put food on the table and we are not homeless…”

Sad… Very sad!

I believe humans were developed to be better than average. We all have talents and potential to be superstars. But if we settle for average, average is all we will receive.

Not me… And since you are reading this, not you either.


I want to help you take it up 10 notches…

Let’s Go Up To Amazing

Here are 5 tips on becoming a superstar.

Superstar Tip #1: Create A Huge Vision

It all starts with a dream… A vision.

You need to create a monstrous vision of where you want to be in 6 months, 1 year, 5 years.

Allow yourself to dream because it is the dream that will take you from average to amazing.

Superstar Tip #2: Find What Sets Your Business Apart From The Rest

What about your business is different, what is better?

This will be the “hook” in gaining customers and followers. When you can show them that your business does it better, gives you more back and/or has stronger ingredients, you will attract more people who want to work with, and buy from the best.

Superstar Tip #3: Keep It Simple

Some entrepreneurs have this crazy idea that the more complicated the system they use, the better chance of success they have…


The simpler you keep it, the better the chances of success.

My partner Steve and I founded Nasgo blockchain and it is a simple way to gain more followers and manage your resources by using tokenization.

Pop on over to the Nasgo blog and learn more.

Superstar Tip #4: Use Social Media Properly

Social media… Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc… is a great tool to promote your business, but only if used properly.

If every post you make is “spammy” and only about your business or opportunity, your chances of gaining followers are low.

We have talked about this before in other blog posts… Educate the readers and as they show favor to the teachings, you can approach them with the business and products in a non-stressful way.

Superstar Tip #5: Build Relationships

This is of prime importance!!!

Many people will not follow when first hearing about it. But if you build a relationships by liking their posts, wishing them happy birthdays, Merry Christmas, etc… they will build a trust and as you keep educating, in time they will give your business and products more consideration.


Now the key to it all…

I saved this for those of you who took the time to read completely…

You need a daily routine

Make a daily plan of action that is working toward business growth and not just “busy” work.

Have your business cards and develop an elevator pitch.

Get to know people and if they are willing, get their contact information.

Building a massive business will not happen overnight, but if you follow these tips, it can be done.

And remember, The Expense Tracker can help you manage your business finances.

I hope this helps you. If you have any questions, just post them below.

To The Top!

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