I have helped build massive organizations on this one premise:  GIVE before you ASK!

97% of Network Marketers ASK their prospect to do something for them (ie. drive to my house or Opportunity meeting, spend an hour of YOUR time listening to me try and convince you why you need my product and then make sure you bring your Wallet or Purse as I am going to ask you for YOUR money).

….Come on!  NO ONE LIKES TO BE SOLD…but, people like to buy!

So think of it this way, If I can give you a raise today and show you how to do it legally in your 9-5 job which makes looking into owning a home business a “smart financial decision” (people buy emotionally and justify factually via return on investment of money they need to spend)…this then gives you the money to pay for your home business, now, let’s go share that great information with these great products to others.

Duplication, Duplication, Duplication is the name of the game and if you think you can give someone sales and marketing material and expect them to magically become great sales reps…you are smokin “hope-ium”!

Products are like religion….people will listen but it is hard to change behavior and get them to join!

There are 2 tax systems in America, One for the “Informed”….and one for the “un-Informed”!

Help your prospects become apart of the “informed”…then out of the money I save you each month, which pays for your business, let’s go give that great information with great products to others.

Very simple and powerful but is a complete mind re-shift for most people.




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